Talos Energy Provides a Good Place for Employment

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Talos Energy is a gas and oil company that has a concentrated operation in offshore production and exploration. The company was established by Timothy Duncan in 2012, and is based in Houston, Texas.The specialization of the company is in the acquisition of assets within the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast areas while placing immense stress on asset exploration, exploitation, and optimization.The company has profound expertise and experience on the geophysical and geological operation in the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The method implemented by Talos is primarily to acquire, exploit, and then explore the basin by utilizing its large seismic database along with its reprocessing propriety techniques.By preserving the control on most of its manufacturing activities allows Talos to implement prominent measures on each aspect of the company’s operations that the company is certain to:

  • Enhance production execution on workover and recompletion of projects
  • Increase the recovery of hydrocarbon using exceptional completion and drilling methods.
  • Assist the company in accomplishing its obligation on environmental compliance, health, and safety during operations.

Sustained by fresh ideas and driven by appropriate outcomes, Talos Energy possesses an entrepreneurial, collaborative, and dynamic culture. Every employee is urged to provide stat-of-the-art thoughts or viewpoints along with the energy to assist the business to advance, develop, and create shareholder significance in a continuous manner.Talos Energy is dedicated in the safe exploration and production of gas and oil for worldwide requirements. It combines geological and engineering proficiency with innovative scientific technology. And with the guidance of the sophisticated information from the company’s technology, the conveyance of best practices and knowledge can augment Talos Energy’s capability to acquire reservoirs of hydrocarbon resourcefully and safely; which would secure the environment and the public at large.With its modern equipment, Talos Energy along with Sierra Oil and Gas, and Premier Oil publicized that the drilling exploration in Zama-1 filed, which was situated in the low waters on the Gulf of Mexico, was able to unearthed a formation in July 2017 that is expected to provide 425 million barrels.Talos Energy is a great workplace, which is based on the survey done on employees by the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces. The Chronicle lists Talos as a Top Workplace for 5 consecutive years since 2013.


Michael Hagele: Not Your Average Businessman

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Michael Hagele, fellow investor and corporate councilman serves as a general councilman for several technology companies in the Internet, defense, bio technology, aerospace industries. Hagele is also an investor in companies with industries in restaurant and hospitality. Michael Hagele has experience with various commercial agreement regarding technology companies as counseling and eating them in marketing and different promotional aspect, as well as helping them in purchasing property, as well as their sales in corporate financing. Michael Hagele has experience in drafting, licensing distribution, negotiating, and agreements in development in the international and domestic Internet, software, hardware fields, as well as telecommunications. Michael Hagele also served in the offices of Fenwick & West LLP, which is an online and licensing commerce company in Silicon Valley. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Michael Hagele received his J.D. degree from the University of California Berkeley, in addition he also received his Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of Iowa.

He has experience as both an outside and in-house counsel in which she has seen smaller and larger firms grow and succeed.

His day consists of firstly handling his technology clients, and later early in the afternoon taking a break by doing a recreational activity such As mountain biking or Road biking, which he finds helps his creativity at work. He states that doing this helps him when he goes back into his office, and gains a newer perspective that can help resolve his clients issues and needs. And later on in his day, he chooses to work on cases for his investment partners that are overseas.

He states the tenacity is helped him throughout his career, and that his motto is to never give up and to keep going even though you may fail.

He is passionate about artificial intelligence and your new ways in which scientists and those in the technology industry can use genetic programming in order to solve complex algorithms and analyze different relationships in data, and how they can impact our daily lives.

He wisely say set another one of his models is to always put the customer first, and is also a very effective habit to have as a businessman or woman. He says this is important for any entrepreneur, especially for him as he is also an attorney, and in his job customer service is key for his success. Visit: https://angel.co/michael-hagele


Robert Deignan Company New Milestone

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Robert Deignan is a highly reputable businessman who is based in America. People have learnt to respect him because of his numerous accomplishments in business. Robert is highly experienced in businessman. His academic background speaks volumes concerning his career in the corporate world. First of all, Robert went for this degree in organizational leadership from an institution known as Purdue University. By the time he was graduating from this prestigious university, the businessman was an excellent leader who knew how to handle the challenges that came his way. After working for several companies in the country, Robert Deignan felt that it was time to start his first company.


In 2011, Robert started a company known as ATS Digital Services. The institution specializes in technology matters. When the company was founded in the year 2011, it was known as ICE. With his leadership, the organization has been growing significantly and winning the hearts of customers from many parts of the country. At the moment, Robert Deignan is serving as the chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services.


Just recently, ATS Digital Services announced to its customers in the country that it had managed to accomplish a great milestone. According to the news from reliable sources, the company has been certified by a prestigious institution that is called AppEsteem Corporation. The institution is currently the first call center in the country to be certified by the corporation. With this certification, the organization will be allowed to offer premium support services to most of the consumer software apps.


AppEsteem Corporation is very popular in the American market. The organization was started and brought into the market by a team of experts in Microsoft Cybersecurity. The company has been offering excellent support services to the companies in the technology department. Robert is a very excited professional following the new milestone. Deignan believes that this will be just the start of achievements for his company. The businessman has done a great job when it comes to handling the leadership of his company, and this is why it has been moving higher in the corporate world. His excellent personal features have made the company proud.


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Chainsmokers News

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If you haven’t heard of The Chainsmokers, then you might want to climb out from under that rock. This duo has been unstoppable on the billboard charts for years, with their first smash hit “Roses” breaking into the top ten way back in 2015. The duo, which features Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are both producers. They eventually would take up the art of singing once they star status became big enough. After “Roses”, they continued to smash the charts with hits like “Paris”, “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, and then their bonafide number one hit “Closer”.

With their wave continuing to flow following the 12 week success of “Closer”, they would go on to win a Grammy after the release and subsequent success of their dance heavy anthem “Don’t Let Me Down”. This happened to turn pop newcomeer Daya into a industry must-have nearly overnight. It’s hard enough to try to beat yourself when you have experienced such success, and believe it when these two had the pressure on them to deliver. The Chainsmokers have recently released their new single “Sick Boy” and this is just a small sample of these two taking their careers to the next level.

According to Drew Taggart, since the group hasn’t put out a hot new single in over nine months, 2018 has seen these two on a bit of a hiatus if you will. With “Sick Boy” dropping, they feel as if this is a fresh start of a completely new chapter for the duo. Taggart goes on to speak about the frustration and anger that is felt when watching people react to social media and what they have become. Staying true to yourself is key, but with personal changes in life, will we see the music begin to shift as well? Only time will tell according to these two. Their plan is to take 2018 by storm and with hopes that their new single will take off, we can only watch and listen as this story of two DJs unfolds right before our eyes and ears.


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The Powerful And Siege Weapon, Trabuco War Machine

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The middle ages were times characterized by warfare though weapons were not as sophisticated as they are today since not even guns were present. Enemies relied on large forces and fortifications to guard their territories and bases. To breach such security measures, one war siege machine was discovered, called the Trabuco. It was a weapon that could hurl and sling massive weights over enemies’ fortresses breaking them down within a few hits and bringing havoc upon armies. The Traction Trabuco preceded the Balancing Trabuco as more efficient and powerful versions followed later.


The Chinese are credited with the making of the first Trabuco around 400 BC using it to fly projectiles such as fire stones over concrete walls of their enemies. They used the weapon to break walls and gain access to the inside of enemies’ zones. A Chinese commander is thought to have developed the traction Trabuco which they used to beat Mongol invaders in a Chinese city they had captured. With a capacity to throw stones 140 kg weights at high speeds across 800 meters the Trabuco was highly effective than any other weapons of its age. Its accuracy is only compared to the modern-day revolver where the Chinese used it in biological warfare launching dead and infected people into besieged areas spreading diseases. See Related Link for more information.


The weapon then spread to Persia, and later Europe. The Vikings used it to attack Paris in while the Nordic people used it to besiege Angers in 86 BC. Around 1191, it spread to Italy before it went to England in 1216. The British troops constructed a Trabuco as a backup for their insufficient firearms in 1779 when defending the Strait of Gibraltar against Spanish army. Herman Cortez is the last recorded man to have used the Trabuco when fighting against the Aztec capital city that he captured although the Trabuco never worked.


The Trabuco worked like a giant sling where a long bit of wood was levered on a motor with the string tied on the longer end of the lever. A stabilizer or counterweight was used to hold the shorter side. The advancement led to more counterweight and more projectile distance and weight. However, with the discovery of gunpowder, the Trabuco was deserted.


See a real ancient Trabuco on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCS7mm_kj7I

Ted Bauman Helps to Invest In a New Way

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With its name deriving from the banyan tree, the largest tree in the world in terms of canopy size, the team at Banyan Hill Publishing have been aiming to bring something new to the investment world, amassing an incredible audience since launching in 1998 as The Sovereign Society. Each day, Banyan Hill Publishing services over 400,000 unique visitors to the site, helping them to learn about and take advantage of new and unique investments with promising prospects. While the Banyan Hill Publishing website covers a wide array of investments, some of the categories include small and mid-cap stocks, natural resources, commodities, and undervalued companies in the United States. Although the website was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, since being founded in 1998, they have consistently played a role as one of the leaders regarding asset protection and the organization of investments, always utilizing a perspective that emphasizes sovereignty and independence. By focusing on sectors such as offshore banking, private foundations, foreign residency, and global investment strategies, the team at Banyan Hill Publishing has consistently delivered gains for their client base. Since making their rebranding efforts in 2016, the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing have sought new ways to help to create “total wealth” for their clients, which allows them the freedom to determine their own financial futures by utilizing unique investments and taking fewer risks. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

As of late, the stock market has been rife with volatility, which is in stark contrast to what we have experienced in recent years. Because of this, the climate amongst investors is one of general uncertainty, as they are wondering when the next financial storm will hit, which, if history serves correct, will be an absolute certainty. Today, investors generally have two options, which consist of acquiring the services of a financial advisor or taking on the responsibilities of investing on your own.

Ted Bauman is a member of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, joining in 2013, and since that time has acted as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Ted Bauman attended the University of Cape Town, where he received postgraduate degrees in History and Economics, after immigrating to South Africa as a young man. During his 25 years in South Africa, Ted Bauman worked as an executive in the nonprofit sector, working hand in hand with companies such as the World Bank and the United Nations regarding urban planning and housing development. Read this article: https://ezinearticles.com/expert/Ted_Bauman/1964192


What Whitney Wolfe Means For Feminism

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When people hear the word “feminist”, they are going to see a lot of different images. One image of a feminist is that of some loud and angry man hater. However, this is not always the case. There are a lot of feminists who can be around men. They just want to have their own lives without having to deal with all of the harassment that comes with it from self-entitled men. This type of harassment is very common in the workplace. This is one of the areas that Whitney Wolfe is taking on with her dating app known as Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has done a lot of work when it comes to Bumble. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done for women is give them the courage to go for something they want as opposed to just sitting around and waiting for something good to come their way. She has provided dating platform for them. However, she did not stop it there. She has also made sure that they can reach out for friends and jobs if they want to. Whitney Wolfe has done a lot more than women than some of the protesters have done by being hard at work.

While Whitney does fight for equality among women and men, she also wants bring some kind of recognition to men as well. She wants to avoid demonizing men and work more towards encouraging certain behaviors in men. She wants to provide examples of the type of men that are going to be on the good side of women. One of the methods that she uses is self respect. She has gained a lot of confidence in herself as well as self respect because she has achieved a lot in her life. The best thing for her is that she is only getting started.

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Curiosity Leads Mike Baur Decisions for Implementing Startup Business Ventures

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Mike Baur describes himself as a curious type of person. The 42-year old businessman is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. He also serves as chairman.


As someone who deals with new business ventures and startups every day, Mike’s curiosity impacts him heavily. Whether it’s working with his team when generating new ideas or working on various stages of a startup project already in progress, Mike is an energetically curious type of leader. “I feel like a go-go gadget sometimes when I am trying to find new things,” says Mike, in a lighthearted moment.


Swiss Startup Factory is a privately-funded and independent company. The company operates the premier startup accelerator in Switzerland. It is not unusual for Swiss Startup Factory to evaluate upwards of 1,000 applications from entrepreneurs who want to enter the 10-week program. The accelerator program was designed by Mike, and he mentors entrepreneurs during certain phases of the startup process. As a former investment banker, Mike also carries out investment responsibilities for the program.


Mike has a unique leadership style that is based on assisting others to reach their highest business potential. The startup industry is merely a conduit for Mike’s innate ability to connect with people and see their potential for becoming successful. His keen business sense, along with his curiosity, has gained him a reputation for being a business leader who is unafraid of taking risks. He also has a well-deserved reputation for leading Swiss Startup Factory with integrity.


When Mike was asked what qualities entrepreneurs should possess in order to become successful with Swiss Startup Factory or in any business venture, he said that there are five essential qualities. According to Mike, there must be a high level of trust, being undaunted with failure, being able to stay detached from the negative opinions of naysayers, being willing to work harder than ever before and having the ability to be curious enough to take risks while breaking a few rules along the way.


Mike is unapologetic for being a non-traditionalist when it comes to business. “I want to inspire and impact people in Switzerland to start their own startup ideas with the goal to create the next big Swiss companies,” says Mike. He is a regular keynote speaker at many universities as well as small and large companies. As a board member, Mike also participates in Startup Invest events, which recently held its annual Venture Day event on April 18.


Mike Baur is well on his way to accomplishing his goal.

OSI Industries Is Expanding Its Global Imprint In The Food Industry

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The OSI Industries Group is a supplier of custom value-added food products for the global food market, serving its products in a multitude of countries. Forbes ranks OSI Industries as 58th on its list of Top 100 private companies, which is understandable given that the company has an annual sales revenue of more than six billion dollars, manages 65 facilities in 17 countries and employs more than 20,000 employees. The company serves its products to fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza in the west and also provides products to other chains doing business in China. Currently, OSI Industries produces custom meat patties, bacon, poultry, hot dogs, fish, vegetables and pizza that are made to order for food service and retail industries around the world.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Globe of Honour Award for its superb handling of environmental hazards, presented in Draper’s Hall in London, United Kingdom. OSI Food Solutions UK was one of 18 groups selected globally to be awarded this prestigious award for companies who have pursued excellence in lowering environmental risks. To be nominated, these companies first had to earn a five-star rating from the British Safety Council’s yearly environmental management audit. They then had to demonstrate that they provided environmental impact management through all the levels of their business, top to bottom.

In its push to expand their global presence, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, a producer of sous vide products, poultry, pies, sauces, mayonnaise and dressings for the United Kingdom market, this after Flagship Europe’s acquisition of Calder Foods, a United Kingdom supplier of marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces, mayonnaise and dips. OSI Industries has also expanded its plant in Spain, doubling its chicken products output to 24,000 tons with their new high capacity production line. These acquisitions and expansions have placed OSI Industries in a prime position to continue to grow its worldwide presence.

As part of its commitment to provide quality service to all their customers, OSI Industries constantly strives to provide an exciting and fulfilling work environment in order to attract a dedicated and committed workforce. OSI Industries believes that investing in its employees leads to more investment opportunities in the global food service market. Employees at OSI Industries work in an inclusive environment that offers many opportunities for innovation and advancement. OSI Industries will continue to seek ways to grow and become more efficient, both at home and abroad.

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Gregory James Aziz Loves To Give Back To The Community

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If there is one thing that National steel car CEO Gregory James Aziz understands, it is where he came from. It is because of that fact that he loves to give back to his community. Greg James Aziz is proud to call Hamilton, Ontario home. He has sought to be an asset to his hometown in a number of different ways.

Community Involvement


Gregory J. Aziz first seeks to make a difference simply by being involved in his community. He does this by being fully vested and what his hometown has to offer. First of all, he and his company sponsor the Theatre Aquarius, which is a Performing Arts Center that showcases a number of plays on a year-round basis. You see, Greg James Aziz realizes that entertainment is best when it is done in your hometown. Aziz loves to showcase the local culture as well, which is why he is particularly fond of supporting the Hamilton Opera. He is also active in many local branches of major charities, such as The United Way and the Salvation Army. He also encourages all employees to ardently participate in local food drives and food banks.


Company Impact


Besides all of his community involvement, Gregory James Aziz also impacts his hometown in another major way: by providing jobs to many of the local residents. Greg James Aziz has expanded is company, and he has done so through strong leadership and team building efforts. Because Aziz has realized the importance of pouring a vast amount of capital into the company, he has had the good fortune to see National Steel Car grow immensely. In 1994, formerly owned by DOFASCO, the company only had 3500 cars. However, because of Greg Aziz’s leadership that amount grew to over 12000 cars in 1999.


The company also saw huge increase in employment during that time, growing from 600 employees to well over 3,000 employees. This was all due to Gregory J. Aziz’s relentless pursuit of excellence in everything that he does. He realizes that he not only represents himself, but he has to represent the company as well. This is something that he takes very seriously. As long as he is at the helm there can be no questioning the fact that National Steel Car will compete with just about any other railway company.


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