The Importance of Passion with Josh Verne

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Today’s world is very competitive, and it takes a lot to succeed. Therefore, it’s very important to listen to advice when we come along it. Just the other day, Josh Verne discussed the various ways that people can follow to succeed in life. Many people have tried so hard to make it in life, but they keep failing. Listening to these tips may be the key to unlocking your potential. Josh Verne was talking to Knowledge for Men during this discussion.


To make it in life, you ought to see yourself as a leader, not a boss. The difference between a boss and a leader is that a boss uses his goals and objectives to oppress the others. He also uses them to demand respect. On the other hand, a leader is a person who puts the interest of other people above his. This way, he shows respect to his fellow humans who in return also show him respect. For you to succeed in life, you don’t have to force the other people to respect you. These are the words of Josh Verne. He believes that a successful person is one who puts others first and his needs come later.


Josh Verne also talks about the importance of settling for a win-win deal. These are the kind of deals where all the parties involved get to benefit. Josh Verne says that whenever all the parties involved get to benefit, the reputation in place is likely to improve. There is also the need of listening more and speaking less. This is the reason why human beings were created with two ears and one mouth. These are the words of Josh Verne. He has a theory that when you speak less, you are likely to give more power to your words when you speak.


Josh Verne talks from an experienced point of view. He has been in the investment industry for over 20 years where he has been involved with various companies such as and Josh Verne believes that reading can also unlock your potential. For this reason, he advises people willing to succeed to read a book called Made in America by Sam Walton and the Rocky.


Finally, in the interview, Josh Verne advised his listeners to find a passion for themselves. Passion according to Josh is the one thing that your heart wants. He advises you to find figure out what makes you work late at night or makes you wake up early in the morning.

Best Organic EOS Lip Balm Flavors

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Long a cult favorite, EOS lip balms continue to impress, and the organic smooth sphere balms are second to none. EOS is a favorite of celebrities, from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, to Chloe Grace Moretz. These balms contain the moisturizing goodness one has come to expect from the brand, and is available in a host of great flavors.

Some of our favorite organic flavors include:

Vanilla Bean – this is a beautiful and subtle flavor that tastes a bit like cookies! Wear it and enjoy the soft vanilla scent while getting the soft lips you want.

Passion Fruit – a perfect flavor for beach days, this tropical flavor is just what you need to protect your lips from the sun. It is also great on those days when you are stuck at the office – this balm provides a taste of the Caribbean so perfect, you can almost feel the seaspray.

Strawberry Sorbet – it’s like dessert in a super moisturizing capsule! This refreshing flavor is perfect for summer days when you want to leave the stress of work behind and feel like a kid again.

Blueberry Acai – healthy and fresh feeling, this flavor tastes like a super nutritious smoothie. The blueberry flavor is a definite pick me up, and the acai brings the nutrients necessary for smooth and soft lips.

Pomegranate Raspberry – a favorite of many, pomegranate raspberry is a great mix of two outstanding flavors. Raspberry provides a little sweetness, while the pomegranate brings the tanginess, to create a fun flavor that may just become your next favorite!

All of these delicious flavors are amazing, and are currently available on the Evolution of Smooth online shop. The spheres are priced at $3.29 and do last for a good amount of time.

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A more detailed information on how EOS started can be found at


ClassDojo’s Approach To Education

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ClassDojo understands there must be a solid connection between educators and their students and parents. This is why they have raised twenty-one million dollars to ensure that connection is created and remains strong. They communicate about the activities of their students and the progress of their development at school. Parents are able to understand what their children’s day is like and how they are behaving.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the cofounders of ClassDojo. They have used their capitol to help their team grow and are figuring out what content and features will best suit their application. Their purpose is to provide parents the support they need to help their children. Parents are apprised of the activities of their children and can use the application to send videos and photos to their kids.

ClassDojo started in 2011 and at that time there were numerous businesses creating platforms and educational materials for kids. What they were missing was an application to create the bond necessary between parents, their children and the educators. Despite the competition ClassDojo is doing quite well. Teachers in 85,000 different schools are using ClassDojo. This includes both public and private schools and is most often used in grades kindergarten through the eighth grade.

The founders of ClassDojo are not trying to make money off the data of the users. The privacy of the kids involved is too important to them. What they are trying to accomplish is creating special features that parents would be willing to pay to use. The startup that began in San Francisco in 2011 has raised about thirty-one million dollars.

ClassDojo is about creating positivity in the lives of students. Educators encourage students for the skills and values they demonstrate. Children are encouraged to help each other in any way they can without being prompted to do so. This gives the kids a voice. They are given the ability to use videos and photographs to create their own unique portfolios. This way they can showcase their individual talents. This engages the parents because of the particular photographs the kids have chosen to show.

Check out their LinkedIn account:

Clay Siegall & His Cancer Fighting Revolution

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Living in the 21st Century gives us all the ability to use some of the most advanced technologies of all-time. No matter the field of work, technology has been implemented into it to make the task at hand more efficient or progressive. The same goes for healthcare and the medical field. Some of the best modern day treatments have come out within the last 20 years and these treatments are far superior than the treatments of 30 and 40 years ago. Cancer Research has come along way throughout the years and now the tide is seemingly changing. Much of the gratitude goes toward a Biotechnology Company named Seattle Genetics. This company has been around since the late 90’s and has steadily grown into the powerhouse it is today. Seattle Genetics specializes in the development and commercialization of cancer breakthrough therapies. As of today this Bothell, Washington based organization is at the apex of the industry and it’s being run by one of the most brilliant minds in the game.

Dr. Clay Siegall is his name and eradicating cancer is his game. Dr. Siegall is well respected in the cancer research industry and he has a long list of accomplishments to backup all claims. Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) from the University of Maryland. The good doctor has a strong passion for his craft and a great foundation in which he does business. The success of the company has grown dramatically over the years thanks to it’s advanced medications. The drug ADCETRIS is one of the top cancer fighting drugs on the market in which it has racked up $226 Million in sales last year in Canada and the U.S. Forbes named Seattle Genetics as one of the nations fastest growing companies in 2015.

Earlier this year Vice President Joe Bidden stopped by company headquarters for congratulatory purposes and the companies flagship drug ADCETRIS is now being used in over 65 countries worldwide. Siegall is the epitome of the word revolution and his passion is certainly paying off.

Shea Butter: the Beneficial and Extraordinary Beauty Product

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Frizzy, untamed, dry hair may be a problem many people have. It is a problem that could be easily solved though. Thanks to beauty care products made from all natural shea butter or containing shea butter, you may be able to easily care for your frizzy or dry hair.


What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a naturally derived butter. It comes from the shea nuts from African shea trees. The butter is thick and has a white creamy color. It is a completely all natural moisturizing product that can be used for lotions, moisturizers, and hair conditioners. Pure shea butter has additionally been used as a medicinal healing product for skin injuries and may be used to cook with.


How is Shea Butter Helpful For Your Hair?

Shea butter is helpful for the hair because it contains plenty of important nutrients inside of it that are great to use on your hair. The vitamin E inside the shea butter is perfect for caring for your hair. The shea butter is full of antioxidants to help the people have improved hair’s growth and is healthy for the scalp of the hair. The butter is also somewhat of a sun protection product.


How Do You Use Shea Butter?

Combine melted shea butter with oil to create a moisturizer with shea butter. If you rub this into your hair and on your scalp after washing, you will have hydrated and healthy hair.


Dampen your hair and rub some shea butter through your hair if it gets tangled easily. Gently comb or brush your hair after applying the shea butter. This should help to combat tangled hair.


Before putting in curlers or twists, you should smooth some shea butter onto your hair. Then you should can set your hair into curlers. You will love how much curl definition you get from doing this.


Using a bit of shea butter and oil on your hair creates a barrier to protect your hair from heat tools. This efficient method will keep your hair hydrated even when it is being put through some of the hottest style tools.


Treating your dry scalp is easy with shea butter. The vitamin E, antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties of the shea butter will help to combat any scalp ailments you may have.


Eugenia Shea Butter

One brand to check out that sells pure shea butter is the Eugenia Shea Butter company. The company sells shea butter for their customers to use for all sorts of remedies. The Eugenia company recommends that their shea butter can be used as a makeup remover, a shave balm, a moisturizer, a skin lotion, cuticle care, a heel treatment, a cure for rug burn, and a hair beauty product.

Securus Technologies Addresses Inaccurate GTL Press Release Statements

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Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX has been a revolutionary trendsetter thanks to the amazing services and programs the company delivers to the correctional industry. The recent buzz over the company’s valued video visitation service has further allowed Securus Technologies to expand its brand in the industry. Securus has gained additional notoriety via a public relations campaign undertaken to address inaccuracies put forth by a Global Tel Link (GTL) press release.


Issues between Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link are connected to litigation surrounding patent claims. GTL’s statements about injunctions, damages, and issues surrounding licenses. Concerns over patented technologies associated with video visitation have been raised in Securus Technologies’ press release. Securus notes the company does not use any patented technologies derived from GTL’s video visitation system.


An interesting statistic about both companies’ litigation history is pointed out in the press release. Securus has won 19 infringement cases and lost zero. GTL has won zero and lost two. This particular statistic may raise eyebrows among those who have limited knowledge about the past history of both companies’ litigation.


Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is very quick to point out that his company is known for its incredibly superior technology and will publicly counter any GTL claims deemed inaccurate.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Scoops another Award for its Superior Accomplishments in Communication Sector

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Talk Fusion’s reputation stems from its ceaseless commitment to transforming the lives of people. The company boasts numerous accolades and industrial recognitions for its achievement in the circles of direct selling. It is also a member of the celebrated Direct Selling Association. On August 18, 2016, the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) held an awarding ceremony and handed out the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award to Talk Fusion. The video marketing leader has scooped this accolade two times.


Facts about Solutions of Year Award


The accolade goes to distinctive products and services, which advance voice, video, and data communications. These solutions must be less than twelve months old. They must have played an indispensable role in the advancement of communications since their inception.


Rich Tehrani


Rich Tehrani is in charge of day-to-day operations of TMC. He serves in the capacity of the CEO. He applauded the winners of the 2016 Solutions Products of the Year Accolade. He said that the honorees had demonstrated leadership within their industries.


What is Video Chat?


Video Chat is a communication app designed by Talk Fusion. Through WebRTC technology, the application enables users to call and speak to anyone across the globe in a face-to-face fashion. Users can use the app by downloading it from iTunes or Google Play into their smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or desktop. Talk Fusion is planning to develop more innovative apps come 2017.


Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion, the leader in video marketing solutions, goes beyond being an unparalleled business opportunity. The firm’s mission revolves around changing lives and expanding profitable businesses in more than 140 countries. It aims at making the lives of people enjoyable by empowering them to build successful careers and businesses. The company specializes in forging strong connections with its clients and other companies in the direct selling industry.


Talk Fusion has adopted charitable giving in its corporate culture. The creator of the firm, Bob Reina, oversees the corporate charity arm of Talk Fusion. Other than generous donations, the company encourages its workers to engage in community projects. Most of the employees volunteer in community projects. Talk Fusion supports global foundations through its Independent Associates located in various parts of the world.

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues to Innovate

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of America’s preeminent cosmetic surgeons. A native of Austin, she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas before attending medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she also completed her residency training. She then began a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital, in New York City, under the tutelage of department head Dr Sherrell Aston. While at Manhattan ENT, Dr. Walden was on the team that pioneered the reintroduction of silicone breast implants.


In 2011, Dr. Jennifer Walden returned to her native Austin to set up a private cosmetic surgery practice in the Westlake Hills neighborhood. She has also established a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. Her office offers a wide range of breast, nose, body, and face procedures, some of which are not commonly done in the United States. She is an early adopter of new technologies and known for her use of Venus Freeze and ThermiVa non-invasive radiofrequency technologies. Her offices are also equipped with Vectra, a three-dimensional imaging system that more accurately captures a patient’s appearance before their surgery and helps them imagine the outcome of their procedure.


In addition to her work as a surgeon, she is interested in developing surgical instruments. She has developed several innovations for Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI). She also makes it a point bring the latest technologies and procedures to her practice to enhance the quality of care she can provide.

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The Origin Of Comparative And Its Application In Modern Systems Of Governance

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Law is among professional fields that have seen massive growth over the decades, with scholars from across the world gathering resources to help in the development of the field. Virtually all institutions, both government and private, are guided by sets of rules and laws that were drafted to help them to run seamlessly. In the process of developing laws, scholars have to weigh possibilities as well as situations that could create loopholes to weaken the effectiveness of the laws. All laws are supposed to be just and written to serve the needs of all people.

However, at times while drafting the laws scholars may miss one or two essentials. This is the reason there is need to compare laws present in one region with the ones applied in another to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the laws a government uses. This process of comparing and learning about laws from other regions is what is commonly referred to as comparative law.

Since the 18th century when comparative law began, scholars have been working on ways of advancing the subject to serve even broader areas. One of the sections of governance that has benefitted from comparative law for a long time is constitutional development.

During the process of developing laws to be applied in a jurisdiction, professionals engage other jurisdictions to learn about the kind of laws they have and whether the way they are structured they offer easy ways of managing problems. This provides room for research and development in the sense that scholars can pick already drafted laws then add improvements that can make it easier for the government to govern different activities.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a law expert who has been working with different governments from across the world by helping them to draft better constitutional amendments and laws to govern different activities. He specializes in comparative law with focus on constitutional development and field advisory towards governments to help them to secure better ways of handling problems that affect their development.

His research addresses different issues ranging from constitutional law and constitutional design to working on developing structures that can assist governments to handle transition from violent conflict. He guides in ethnically divided societies to help in the restoration of order and peace. Sujit Choudhry has also authored books and journals in governance and law and he sits as a member to the Constitutional Court Review.

IAP Worldwide Multimillion Contracts by the U.S. Navy

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Formerly known as International American Products, Until March 2005, IAP Worldwide is a global leader in the provision of logistics and facilities management, as well as advanced technical and professional services for the government and commercial clients in the US and around the world. The company was formed in 1990 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but it now has locations across the United States, and internationally.

Some of the services it offers to the government include emergency response, aviation support services, logistics, and supply chain, expeditionary services, and network and communication services. As far as expeditionary infrastructure services are concerned, it offers custom-engineered infrastructure, power field and utilities, health and emergency services, and facilitation of engineering operations as well as maintenance.

IAP Worldwide is also known for its power solutions. It provides both permanent and temporary power services, operation and management of power plants, and renewable energy services. Additionally, the organization delivers engineering, scientific, administrative and health solutions to private and public healthcare institutions in the US, Europe, and in the Middle East.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

$900 Million contract by the US Navy
This year, the U.S Navy selected IAP Worldwide Services, to deliver a contract worth $900 million. While responding to the latest victory, the IAP Worldwide Director, and CEO, Doug Kitani expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the new opportunity to serve its customers who depend on it to deliver top-notch quality solutions to their difficult challenges, across the globe. He added that the company’s acceptance to support the Global Contingency Services of the U.S Navy is in line with its desire to make the missions of its customer, its mission.

The $900 million contract is for IAP Worldwide to offer facility support services. Should the need arise, IAP Worldwide will also provide construction services in support of humanitarian efforts, natural disasters, and full range military actions in several locations around the world. The contracting authority is the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific. The expected completion date is September 2024.

$61.39 Million Federal Contract
This year again, IAP Worldwide Services Inc. got another contract worth $61,389,606 by the U.S Naval Air Systems Command. The federal contract requires the company to offer logistics support services – for the Take Charge, Move Out & Airborne Command Post aircraft and equipment. Performance locations will be in Oklahoma, Tinker Air Force Base (70%); Maryland, Naval Air Station Patuxent River (10%); Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base (10%); and in California, Travis Air Force Base (10%).

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