Brian Torchin Staffing Legal Firms and Medical Companies

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Brian Torchin is the current president of HealthCare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. HCRC is the best full-service staffing and consulting firm for the healthcare industry as well as the legal industry. The staffing company specializes in Physical Therapy, physician assistants, Medical doctors, chiropractic, nurse practitioners and physician placements. The organization assists both law firms and medical offices to find and maintain quality legal and medical staff respectively in the world. HCRC has its headquarters in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Since its establishment in 2007, HCRC has extended its services to Europe, Canada, and Australia. Before founding the company, Mr. Torchin spent many years specializing in the opening, staffing and management of medical offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. During the initial development of HCRC, Mr. Torchin staffed his offices with doctors of chiropractic, physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists. Read more at about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has an extensive educational background. He attended the University of Delaware, majored in exercise science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pre-med science. He then moved to the New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a doctor of chiropractic degree between 1992 and 1995. After his graduation from the Chiropractic College, he was licensed and board certified to be a Chiropractic practitioner. Mr. Torchin opened his own chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended to many patients and relieved them of their pain.

HCRC has helped medical companies and offices in finding qualified professional to fill the positions of front desk receptionists, office managers, public relations personnel, chiropractors, and physicians among other professionals. The staffing company also assists law firms in filling the positions of secretaries, assistants, administrators, paralegals, and attorneys. The HCRC staffing company works round the clock to find qualified candidates to fill positions in the healthcare companies and law firms within a period of 72 hours.

In his social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter, Mr. Torchin post numerous links to job opportunities that are available on the HCRC website. He uses the social media platforms to reach and inform people of the jobs available on his website. Brian Torchin has been featured in numerous media outlets like The Digital Journal,,, and Check:


Matt Badiali’s Signing Off On Freedom Checks And Zinc

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Matt Badiali is Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert on investments within the minerals and energy sector. Matt Badiali’s credentials in earth commodoties entail his B.S degree earning from Penn State in the geology and earth science fields, and his Masters in the same two majors at Florida Atlantic Univesity. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina, so the same investments he talks about now are the same ones he spoke about to his students back in 2004. An expert in finance friend of his convinced Matt to help him build a basic investment guide for the average American. Matt Badiali began to utilize his knowledge of the energy industry to give a underlying perspective of investments inside the natural resource stock market. With that information Matt has secured his own wealth as well as give advice to the thousand subscribers wishing to make money off gold, oil, and more. For more information, click here.

Matt Badiali keeps a confident tone in his Medium account discussing the status of the precious metal he finds most valuable right now. Matt thinks the shortage of zinc makes for the perfect investment in a billion dollar company that has access to the largest deposit of zinc left in the world. A Canadian company by the name of Hudbay Minerals is the world’s surest bet to the greatest amount of zinc supply. This is why companies like Hudbay Minerals are worth pursuing. Additionally, Matt has recently discussed the current topic of Freedom Checks promising to make any American rich. In his Real Wealth Stategist newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt explores the validity of Freedom Checks foor r readers. These checks are treated as investment tickets to Master Limited Partnerships (Ps). Freedom Checks have a direct access partnership with natural resource production companies based in the U.S. Matt explains this as part of U.S policy drawing out home-based energy production in opposition to foreign importation. Matt discusses for companies to be categorizes as MLPs requires of them a 90% shareholders return rate, meaning everyone signing a Freedom Check will get some sort of return on their investment. Because this investment is a part of the government’s own aim to increase energy production, a percentage of the share qualifies for tax exemptions. By signing up for the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter Matt Badiali walks readers through his recommendations for the industry’s companies worth trusting for a sure potential capital gain. Visit:


Igor Cornelsen Makes It Easier to Invest with Helpful Tips

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Index funds and stocks are definitely much easier to invest in. This is where people are going to see higher rates of returns. The question is always going to be if the investment is worth your time for the long run. This is what Igor Cornelsen tries to get people to realize. He wants more people to know about how they can improve their investments by paying attention to what they are investing in.

As a former Brazilian Banker Igor knows very well that the market is filled with a lot of opportunities in Brazil just as it is in America. He does not believe that Brazil is going to have returns on investment that are always greater than the ones in America, but this is definitely the case in some scenarios. This is why Igor Cornelsen want more people to be knowledgeable about the investments that they are making. He wants them to have a great amount of variety in their portfolio. This gives investors to chance to shuffle from one area to the next when it comes to investment possibilities. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

Investors really need to know that they are in a place where they can make good choices about their investments based on the research that they have done. This is another thing that Igor makes a note of in his investment tips. He does not believe that any investors should put all of their faith and complete confidence in an outside source. A broker will make money for you, but ultimately the broker is in place to make money for themselves. Every investor has to be aware of the changes that are going to affect their investment decisions.

Finally, Igor recommends that investors take time to look at the things that are affecting the culture where they are putting their money. If the investment is in Brazil people should know a lot about raw materials in the exports where these raw materials are going. People should know the government restrictions and different policies that may affect how a company thrives in the long run. All of this is relevant. Visit:


How NetPicks Uses Over 20 Years Of Experience To Guide Traders

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NetPicks is a pioneer in the online trading industry. They were founded in 1996 when trading  assets online was in its infancy and they have grown right along with this industry. One of their specialties is FX trading, also called currency trading, Forex trading, and foreign exchange trading ( Basically what this involves is making money as different currencies rise and fall in value to other currencies. If you know the right strategies there is plenty of money to be made in FX trading.

Knowledgeable currency traders use what is called currency pairs. This involves trading one currency value against one other currency’s value. Most of these pairs use the American dollar. The dollar is paired against the yen, euro, the pound sterling, the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, and the Canadian dollar. Traders have the choice of more exotic currencies to trade but the risks involved in doing so really are never going to be worth the award (

Another tip NetPicks offers is that you ought to spot trade, something that most experienced currency traders do. Futures markets and forward markets can also be traded, though, which is commonly done by business owners who feel the need to hedge their risks. Some also do what is called leveraged trading, which is on the opposite side of this because you borrow the funds you use to trade. That can be a pretty risky strategy as you have to pay back what you owe regardless of whether or not you made money on your trading activity.

NetPicks offers an education to people who want to engage in currency trading as well as futures, ETFs, stocks, and options trading. The people they provide an education to can be tailored towards people who just want to spend a few minutes a day at this activity to those with a few hours to those who want to make it their career.

As they explain on their website, NetPicks helps people by installing indicators on their computer. They are always available to explain that rule you find tricky yet again. They are also always willing to hear your investment ideas and guide you onto the right path making money through investing.

For update on Netpicks recent timeline activities, visit Crunchbase.

Michael Burwell Excels at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Earns a Promotion at Willis Towers Watson

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To succeed in every aspect of a business, you must be observant and build your network as well. Those are the words of one Michael Burwell who was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch.


Background Data


Michael Burwell is a renowned business leader who currently serves as the chief executive officer of Willis Towers Watson. But before he was appointed to the position, he worked in various top-notch firms in different senior positions. To understand his career, expertise and past experiences, let us travel down the road into Michael Burwell’s career.


Duties and Responsibilities


Michael was employed at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for about 13 years. As some of us may already know, this is an international company with its central office in London. Always engaged in providing multinational professional services in finance, PwC requires competent leadership skills. That explains why the company absorbed Michael Burwell. Moreover, in his capacity as the head cheerleader, he provided viable advisory services for 11 years. Given his experience and input in the company, Michael Burwell was appraised and trusted with more responsibilities. Therefore, he lynched the company’s Detroit’s branch as the head of transactions.




Burwell was highly successful because he dedicated time and effort to develop a portfolio that grew the firm’s revenue. So in 2009, the board of directors appointed him to serve as the chief financial officer of PwC’s U.S. branch. Three years into his service, Burwell was promoted, yet again. This time, he lynched the vice chairman position of U.S. Transformation where he assisted the company to expand its internal shares. With his skills in finance and management, Burwell managed to land various events in which he talked about mergers, acquisitions, finance and additional topics.




Considering his past experiences, Michael Burwell was ready to venture into different services under different leadership umbrellas. Therefore, he was appointed to serve at Willis Towers Watson. Regarding his appointment, the management of the appointee admitted that Burwell was an additional motivation as he was bringing with him a tremendous wealth of knowledge which would be useful to Willis Towers Watson. For Michael Burwell, the appointment was a symbol of how trustworthy he is given his past professional experiences.




Because of Michael Burwell’s tremendous achievements in leadership, He managed to advance his career as the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson. Burwell’s success is majorly attributed to his academic credentials from the prestigious Michigan State University where he studied business administration.


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Eric Lefkofsky And Big Changes

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Tempus Labs is the name of a Chicago, Illinois entity. Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus Labs. Lefkofsky is among the Windy City’s most widely known entrepreneurs at this time. Tempus Labs came to fruition merely several years back. It’s accomplished a lot over a pretty swift stretch of time. Tempus Labs has worked with an abundance of National Canter Institute facilities in all different sections of the United States. Its specialties cover many bases as well. Tumor sequencing, thorough cancer testing, medical imaging and beyond are all accessible at the moment.

Tempus Labs was placed on a list that was put together by Eric Topol. This list comes out on an annual basis. Dr. Topol focuses on technological changes that have been major news items. Tempus Labs was part of discussion that involved state of the art technological changes. Gene editing and gene therapy are two kinds of biotechnologies that are employed for conditions that many in the past believed to be totally unmanageable.

Technology for pathology sequencing is on hand right now. This form of technology makes speedy pathogen genome sequencing a possibility. It does so with the assistance of devices that are appropriate during urgent situations. It’s a technology that paves the way for markedly more efficient reactions from public health professionals of all types.

People who focus on the list may see a blood pressure watch. Omron got FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) support for a revolutionary smartwatch that assesses blood pressure in human beings. It does this with the assistance of a short radial artery occlusion.

Eric Lefkofsky is a person who genuinely cares about assisting others in this massive world. He helped set up the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The main objective this group has is to help all topics that relate to culture, art, health, basic human rights and education. Lefkofsky works for the Booth School of Medicine at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor. He went to law school at the University of Michigan and has a JD (Juris Doctor) degree. Writing is among Lefkofsky’s most beloved pastimes.

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How Gregory Aziz Brought National Steel Car to New Heights

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1Gregory James Aziz is the President of National Steel Car, North America’s largest manufacturer of steel freight railroad cars. The company was founded in the early 1900s as a result of six men coming together and strategizing on how they could bring the economic wealth of the railway industry to the town of Hamilton, Ontario. The result was the establishment of National Steel Car. Since its founding, National Steel Car has grown year over year until it has reached the entity it is today.


Gregory J. Aziz got his first introduction to National Steel Car when he was working as an investment banker in New York City. National Steel Car was one of his clients. During the process, the National Steel Car team saw something in Greg Aziz that encouraged them to offer him a leadership position at their company. Mr. Aziz accepted the position and several years later he came to hold the position of President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz got his start working for his family’s company in the sector of business development. The company, Affiliated Foods, specialized in the distribution of fresh foods. At the time he started, Affiliated Foods worked solely in a region of Canada. After Gregory Aziz piloted a massive business development campaign, the company was operating in Europe, the United States, South America and across all of Canada. He brought the same growth mindset to his work at National Steel Car and significantly helped to grow that company to the heights it has reached today.


It can’t be overstated how much of a positive impact he has had as a leader at National Steel Car. For example, he is incredibly passionate about making sure there is a strong investment in human capital. He put this strategy into concrete action by opening up a hiring round that brought in thousands of additional employees. The volume of employees quickly went from less than one thousand to close to three thousand people. See Related Link to learn more.


This increase in great jobs in the town significantly improved the entire economy within Hamilton, Ontario. People did more business at the current stores and new stores were opened to meet the increasing demand. People spent more money within the town and the town itself was able to make positive additions and improvements that increased the overall quality of life within Hamilton.


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Bernardo Chua Makes His Mark In The Network Marketing Industry

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Bernardo Chua is the founder of the network marketing company Organo Gold. The company changed its name to ORGANO a few years ago. Chua became famous while working for Gano Excel. When he was hired by the company, they were primarily active in the Philippines. Chua was excited about telling as many people as possible what the ganoderma infused Gano Excel’s coffees and teas contained. He was able to expand Gano Excel’s customer base to include Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. Chua then moved to North America and was named Gano Excel USA’s president. He quickly expanded the company’s marketing network and customer base to stratospheric levels. Visit for more details

In 2008, Bernardo Chua left Gano Excel and founded Organo Gold. The new company put a major focus on educating customers on the health benefits of ingesting ganoderma infused coffee, teas and other edible items the company offered. Chua also marketed products under the Coffee Connoisseur brand. Soon he had created a marketing team that contained over 800,000 people. The company now offers their products in more than 50 countries around the world. Chua’s Organo Gold has won awards for being among the network marketing industry’s fastest growing companies as well as numerous other accolades.

In the Philippines Bernardo Chua is seen as a national hero. His companies have been voted ‘Company of the Year’ numerous times. His products have also won several People’s Choice’ awards. Chua was voted ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ and given the Dangal ng Bayan award for his role in bringing honor to the Philippines through his quality products and business excellence. Bernardo Chua’s vision, talent and success have made him an inspiration to people in the Philippines as to what they too can achieve his they apply themselves. Read more about Bernardo Chua on

What makes Bernardo Chua’s accomplishments even more exceptional is that he had no experience in network marketing before joining Gano Excel. Since that time he has grown to become one of the most successful executive in the network marketing industry. One of Bernardo Chua’s goals still remains telling people all around the world all the benefits ingesting ganoderma offers. Visit:


A Look At Paul Mampilly’s Three Financial Newsletters

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Paul Mampilly has been investing in companies for about a quarter of a century. He uses the extensive knowledge he has gained doing so to write a financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which is read by over 90,000 subscribers. In each monthly issues he goes over the fundamentals of a business that he sees as being a great opportunity to make a lot of money by buying their stocks. After this he keeps track of these stocks on his website. He also lets his subscribers know when it is time to get back out of a stock and sell out of their position.

Recently, Paul Mampilly added two more financial newsletters to the roster that he edits at Banyan Hill Publishing. These are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. With True Momentum the goal is to show people how to attain gains of over 100% while just taking while not taking not a lot of risk. He says that he uses the strategy he teaches in this newsletter and he achieved a return of 305% in 2017. Extreme Fortunes is focused on companies that could likely return 1000% or more in the next year. He says 43 companies generally do this each year and he can identify which companies will likely do so in the future. Watch Paul Mampilly on Youtube.

Most of Paul Mampilly’s career as an investor took place on Wall Street. He worked for 20 years on Wall Street, including as a hedge fund manager, before getting tired of the pace. He also didn’t feel good that the gains he was generating for his hedge fund was all going to people who were already ridiculously wealthy. He decided to move to North Carolina and become a writer who would help average people make money through investing.

Paul Mampilly says that when he first started working on Wall Street he really didn’t know what he was doing. He quickly found out that everything he thought he knew about investing was totally wrong. He learned swiftly, though, and after years of experience he learned the tricks and strategies to making money through investing. He says that when he is writing his three financial newsletters he always puts the needs of his subscribers first as he knows how important money is to people and their dreams. He says that he also surrounds himself with a great team made up of people who have specialized in different industries and so know them inside and out. Follow:


Ian King and Cryptocurrency

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Unless you have been on an island for the last few months, you have probably heard of Cyptocurrency. This form of payment is not the same as traditional options, but it can be just as good in many ways. You may be wondering who Ian King is as well and what he has to do with Cryptocurrency.

Who is Ian King?

He’s a person that not just talks about cryptocurrency, but that also worked on WAll Street and knows about trading and investing in different businesses. He now talks about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency so that people who don’t know anything about it can learn and make judgments on their own. Learn more about Ian King at

What is Ian King’s role at Banyan Hill Publishing?

Ian King is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. He was brought on because of his extensive knowledge of bitcoin and traditional trading. This way he could help people who don’t know anything to understand it better. He writes about what to expect when you are starting to look into this kind of currency as well as how it cna be translated into something that you can use. Some Bitcoin can be traded in and turned into real money that can be spent on your regular needs.

Why is Ian King considered a cryptocurrency expert?

He’s considered an expert because he was talking about bitcoin before everyone else was when it was new. He also understands trading and how it should be done. This is something that changes as time goes on, but he’s been doing it long enough he understands how it works for everyone. That makes him more than an expert, because so many people claim to know what crypocurrency is, but they don’t understand finances and how they work. He does. Visit BanyanHill about Ian King for more updates.

When you are thinking about Cryptocurrency, you should keep in mind there are things that you may need to learn in the future, but with an open mind and a little reading, you can start trading bitcoin with the best of them. All you need is a little time to learn the terms and the way it works.

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