Kyle Bass Predicts Light Collapse

Posted by Cameron on July 8, 2016 in Business |

Economies are tenuous today, and part of the reason for that is borrowing without means of remuneration. In America, the sub-prime lending crisis hit because loans were made to individuals who had no way of paying them back. This defrayed the “other shoe dropping”, as it were; but it didn’t prevent that sneaker from falling down. When it finally did, America underwent The Great Recession of 2008. Kyle Bass, Argentinian hedge fund manager (though based in Texas), has predicted China’s lending practices will result in a similar collapse that will spell economic recession in America by the end of 2016. He doesn’t think it will be a recession quite as big as the one experienced in 2008, but he does believe it will be significant. That said, Bass also endorses Hillary Clinton for president on grounds that she’s the “most sane” player of the bunch. So can his word as an economist really be trusted?

Consider Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is a socialist, and has been the president of Argentina for several years. She has defaulted the country twice in the span of just thirteen years, and Bass is always sure to support her in anything she does; almost as though he is her stooge. When one considers that Bass also supports Clinton, who is a globalist, the picture begins to become clear. The reason Bass targets big-ticket economic powers, working to profit from their losses, is because without their collapse a worldwide government with a single economy can’t be achieved. The socialist push is this direction, and Bass is working with all his might to see that push come through to fruition.

Another target of Bass are big-ticket pharmaceuticals. Bass uses his pseudo-humanitarian group CAD to undercut prices such companies can sell their pharmaceuticals for. This in turn drops the stock value of the companies in question, and Bass short-sells whatever holdings he had with them, making millions. To abbreviate: Bass legally manipulates the stock market for his own purposes. If he’ll exploit pharmaceutical companies such that future advancements are curtailed by a lack of progressive research and development funding from lowered stock-value, in essence exploiting them for personal gain, why wouldn’t he do the same regarding China?

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