Meet the Renowned Chiropractor Brian Torchin Services

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Over the years, there has been a gap in the health industry especially the chiropractic services being offered in various facilities. This is the niche that this President of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors (HCRC), LLC identified and decided to seal it by establishing quality chiropractic facilities in Philadelphia, Florida, and Delaware. Over time, Brian Torchin has risen to be one of the top healthcare recruiter globally with his facilities expanding to Europe and Asia. His expansion rate can be attributed to his commitment and vast experience in chiropractic practices.

Dr. Torchin and his HCRC staffs have one goal of offering the best quality services in the world to their clients. These have made them develop a 24/7 running program for effective and efficient services to their clients. HCRC Staffing basically works with most private chiropractic clinics and hospitals with an aim of filling medical jobs, physical therapy, and other chiropractic related jobs. According to Brian Torchin, in his interview with SearchtoSocial’s Dr. James Roman, the biggest challenge that may face a chiropractic facility is to find qualified staffs within a very quick and short notice which may lead to significant losses if the staff is not found quickly. That’s why HCRC is there to always provide a more efficient and effective approach to providing a qualified candidate within 48 hours. Read more on Behance about Brian Torchin

HCRC Staffing has helped many of their clients in doing background checks, consultations and staff training hence simplifying the hiring process of professional therapists and chiropractors. In his commitment to dispensing the chiropractic knowledge to clients, Brian Torchin comes up with blogs on diverse topics which he discusses in the HCRC website. The blogs and articles educate people on the tips to hire staff members, the pitfalls to avoid when hiring a chiropractor and many more topics on the website.

Brian Torchin has educated many on how to handle their customers in a friendly way and perhaps his efforts made him be recognized by Dr. Mayer Green as the number one recruiter in the US. The attention that Torchin commands in his conferences is an indicator that his mission of offering superior chiropractic services is being achieved. More info can be found at


How Peter Briger Has Transformed The Finance And Investment World

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Peter Briger is in the list of the business leaders who have had a successful career in investments and finance. Peter hasn’t just proved to be a dedicated leader but also a highly reputable and capable leader. He is a man with admirable achievements in his career path. Before Peter became a Goldman, Sachs & Co partner in 1996, he had worked in this same company for about 15 years. He got experience he used later to bring the changes he brought in other companies. In every place he worked, a tremendous improvement was highly realized. His leadership skills are special and emulated.

There are several committees where Peter sat on when he working at Goldman Sachs. He happened to be a devoted member in committees such as the Japan Executive Committee, Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Asian Management Committee. He showed strong leadership skills at the firm when he held certain critical positions. He was a co-head of various groups such as the Whole Loan and Trading business, Fixed Principal Investment Group, Asian Distressed Debt business, Special Opportunities Funds, and the Asian Real Estate Equity business. At every leadership level, Peter showed great dedication and focus on greater results.

Today, Peter works at Fortress Investment Group where he is the Co-Chairman and Principal of the company’s Board of Directors. Fortress Investment Group is based in New York and it’s a firm that specializes in investment management. Peter joined the company in 2002 and he first served as a Management Committee member. He later created the Fortress Credit business which is oversees today. The team members in Fortress Investment Group are over 300 and their main area of focus is undervalued assets. The team also focuses on illiquid and distressed credit investments. Under his leadership, the company has done far much better than what it did in the past.

Peter has also served as one of the Board Directors at the Investment Company of Princeton University. He is a leader who has supported many organizations including the Central Park Conversancy. He went at Princeton University where he graduated with an Arts degree. He then went to Wharton School of Business and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Pennsylvania University. Peter is also an Advisory Board Member at Spearhead company. He also serves in Caliber Schools as a board member. Anyone serving in such positions shows he has what it takes to bring the notable difference and change others are looking for.

Peter is a person who has a vast experience from the banking sector. This is where he developed most of his leadership, management and operational skills. The business skills and financial acumen he had gained made it easier for him to get a working position in a reputable bank. He worked in this bank until 2002 when he joined Fortress Group as its co-Chief Executive Officer. Under Peter’s leadership, Fortress became the first investment company to go public in the United States. The company is said to manage assets worth 65 billion dollars today. The company has opened doors for both private and institutional investors.

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Gregory James Aziz is Honored

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It is widely known throughout the country of Canada that National Steel Car is one of the most prestigious rail car manufacturers ever to do business in the great white North. A subsidiary of National Industries Inc., National Steel Car has successfully transport goods around the snow landscape of Canada for over 10 decades now. It recently held a Centennial celebration where every person that may National Steel Car the success was shown the gratitude of the current chief executive officer Gregory James Aziz.


ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


Greg James Aziz was the chief executive officer who led National Steel Car over the milestone of their Centennial year. During his keynote address to everybody that was present he took time to give personal recognition to all those who helped National Steel Car become the innovative company that it is today. He began by showing his gratitude to previous CEOs from the past.


After he was done showing his gratitude to the previous CEOs that had gone before him, he gave appreciation to the current executive team who worked with him diligently to help National Steel Car thrive. After that, he gave his appreciation to the 2000 member team that built National Steel Car into its juggernaut business.


While Greg Aziz gave his personal thank you to all the people who were there, he also was the recipient of much appreciation.


One executive took the time to explain to all how Gregory James Aziz brought National Steel Car back together by instilling a vision throughout the company. The vision began with excellence and efficiency. This permeated the entire executive team and soon began to leak down into management. From there, Gregory J Aziz showcased a vision to build a modular railcar. This brought the departments together in a harmonious task.


Another manager spoke on how he appreciated how Gregory James Aziz gave everybody job descriptions. These job descriptions were perfectly chosen to help each worker move National Steel Car to the point that the modular railcar could be invented. This let the manager know what you should be focusing on and what the jurisdiction of the workers was. Go To This Page for more information.


One of the workers from the floor was allowed some time to explain what Gregory James Aziz had done for him. He discussed how he was grateful for the training and education that Gregory James Aziz offered at National Steel Car on a quarterly basis, so every worker could enhance and could grow.


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Fortress Investment Group Supports Brian Forde

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Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest publicly traded private equity investment firm in the world. It is recognized as one of the leading figures in alternative asset management across the globe. While it is currently in a position of prominence, it is still a relatively young company. It was initially founded in 1998 with the help of 5 principal founding members. These principal founding members include current chairman and president of the Corporation Wes Edens and Pete Bridger.

The Corporation that is known as Fortress Investment Group experienced significant growth during the first decade of its business. It managed to increase its assets by almost 40% in the span of around seven years between 1999 and 2006. In 2007 with the backing of Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs the Corporation held its initial public offering and became publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This marked the very first private equity investment firm that was publicly traded in the United States of America. Since then the corporation has gone on to grow even further. While it did experience some financial difficulty during the 2008 financial crisis, the Corporation has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading figures in alternative asset management.

Fortress Investment Group continues to play a large role in the world and has recently endorsed a potential member of Congress. This potential candidate is running on a platform that it’s in support of one of the new exciting technologies that are found in the world known as bitcoin. Bitcoin is just one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that are running off the new technology that is enabled by blockchain. During the last year, this technology has experienced explosive growth in its value, and it has captured the interest of the entire financial world. While there are new regulations that have yet to be implemented members of politics seem to be stagnant in regards to the changing world of economics and watching technology.

Democratic candidate Brian Forde hopes to change this by becoming an elected representative for the state of California. He has received a significant endorsement from members of the administrative staff of Fortress Investment Group including Pete Bridger. This potential member of Congress has garnered quite a bit of support in the popular world and has even gained significant contributions to his political campaign in the form of bitcoin’s rather than the typical paper currency. Fortress Investment Group hopes that by supporting this congressman, they will be able to take part in the new frontier of economic development that is occurring in the world of cryptocurrencies. It will pay to have invested in the early stages of the adoption of this new technology as it promises to change the very foundation of our national economic system.

Fortress Investment Group continues to function in the other spheres of influence including those of private equity investment and credit hedge funds. It currently manages over $70 billion in assets and continues to show promise of growth for the next several years.

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Netpicks Names One of the Most Important Decisions

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Among the different types of information when it comes to trading, there is one important piece of information that is needed. This information from Netpicks is about learning how to trade ( Part of learning how to trade is deciding on whether or not it is okay to trade at all. Sometimes, it is not a good idea to trade. As a matter of fact, many of the most successful traders consciously make the choice not to trade. There are many ways they come to the conclusion that trading may not be the best choice for them to make. They often hold out for another time.

There are many reasons why it is not a good idea to make a trade at the moment. Of course the reason for trading depends on the trader. For instance, the market might be in a condition that the trader is not ready for. Fortunately, he can get himself ready for this type of market condition by gaining information from Netpicks. Another thing that the trader can do is practice with a practice account. This is perhaps one of the best ways to gain experience with the market condition. That way, he will know when he is ready to trade in the condition.

Sometimes, the market could be in the condition that the trader is the most successful at and he still shouldn’t trade. For one thing, he might be in an emotional state that clouds his judgment. One thing that Netpicks states is important is emotional management. When people manage their emotions, they are more likely to enjoy the successes of trading. One reason for this type of success is that they can handle failure emotionally. When people can handle failure, they can move past it to success. This is one thing that Netpicks makes clear to readers.

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Ted Bauman helps people understand money with the Bauman Letter

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Ted Bauman is an expert on investments. He grew up in Maryland, but he transmigrated to South Africa after high school. Mr. Bauman attended the University of Cape Town. He acquired degrees in economics, history and political science. While there, he saw how a country can change for the better. He worked for non-profit companies in the housing sector. After Mr. Bauman got his degrees, he trekked around Asia. He learned how economics powers the world through politics while visiting Asia. Read more about Ted Bauman at

In 2006, Mr. Bauman decided to return to the United States. The next five years he worked for the non-profit group Habitat for Humanity International as a Director of International Housing Programs. In 2013, Mr. Bauman got a job as a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing company when his father retired. He decided to do a different approach to the writer to have some emotion and make the writing more personal. The Bauman Letter is a monthly newsletter that helps people decide on how to make good investments. Mr. Bauman extended his writing to include a weekly stock trading newsletter called Alpha Stock Alert and an EFT-trading platform called Smart Money. His readers have grown in a number of over 100,000 people.

Mr. Bauman has recently written an article on the Banyan Hill Publishing website. The article is on how to protect yourself from getting your identity and data stolen from a seemingly harmless email. Although the email is far from being harmless. He says to check the website for a privacy policy. Ted Bauman also suggests to make sure the website has https in the web address. This secures a third party is not taking your information. All websites should tell how the information they take is being used. These are some wonderful tips especially with many companies asking for personal information. Read more on Talk Markets:


Brian Torchin Staffing Legal Firms and Medical Companies

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Brian Torchin is the current president of HealthCare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. HCRC is the best full-service staffing and consulting firm for the healthcare industry as well as the legal industry. The staffing company specializes in Physical Therapy, physician assistants, Medical doctors, chiropractic, nurse practitioners and physician placements. The organization assists both law firms and medical offices to find and maintain quality legal and medical staff respectively in the world. HCRC has its headquarters in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Since its establishment in 2007, HCRC has extended its services to Europe, Canada, and Australia. Before founding the company, Mr. Torchin spent many years specializing in the opening, staffing and management of medical offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. During the initial development of HCRC, Mr. Torchin staffed his offices with doctors of chiropractic, physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists. Read more at about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has an extensive educational background. He attended the University of Delaware, majored in exercise science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pre-med science. He then moved to the New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a doctor of chiropractic degree between 1992 and 1995. After his graduation from the Chiropractic College, he was licensed and board certified to be a Chiropractic practitioner. Mr. Torchin opened his own chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended to many patients and relieved them of their pain.

HCRC has helped medical companies and offices in finding qualified professional to fill the positions of front desk receptionists, office managers, public relations personnel, chiropractors, and physicians among other professionals. The staffing company also assists law firms in filling the positions of secretaries, assistants, administrators, paralegals, and attorneys. The HCRC staffing company works round the clock to find qualified candidates to fill positions in the healthcare companies and law firms within a period of 72 hours.

In his social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter, Mr. Torchin post numerous links to job opportunities that are available on the HCRC website. He uses the social media platforms to reach and inform people of the jobs available on his website. Brian Torchin has been featured in numerous media outlets like The Digital Journal,,, and Check:


Matt Badiali’s Signing Off On Freedom Checks And Zinc

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Matt Badiali is Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert on investments within the minerals and energy sector. Matt Badiali’s credentials in earth commodoties entail his B.S degree earning from Penn State in the geology and earth science fields, and his Masters in the same two majors at Florida Atlantic Univesity. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina, so the same investments he talks about now are the same ones he spoke about to his students back in 2004. An expert in finance friend of his convinced Matt to help him build a basic investment guide for the average American. Matt Badiali began to utilize his knowledge of the energy industry to give a underlying perspective of investments inside the natural resource stock market. With that information Matt has secured his own wealth as well as give advice to the thousand subscribers wishing to make money off gold, oil, and more. For more information, click here.

Matt Badiali keeps a confident tone in his Medium account discussing the status of the precious metal he finds most valuable right now. Matt thinks the shortage of zinc makes for the perfect investment in a billion dollar company that has access to the largest deposit of zinc left in the world. A Canadian company by the name of Hudbay Minerals is the world’s surest bet to the greatest amount of zinc supply. This is why companies like Hudbay Minerals are worth pursuing. Additionally, Matt has recently discussed the current topic of Freedom Checks promising to make any American rich. In his Real Wealth Stategist newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt explores the validity of Freedom Checks foor r readers. These checks are treated as investment tickets to Master Limited Partnerships (Ps). Freedom Checks have a direct access partnership with natural resource production companies based in the U.S. Matt explains this as part of U.S policy drawing out home-based energy production in opposition to foreign importation. Matt discusses for companies to be categorizes as MLPs requires of them a 90% shareholders return rate, meaning everyone signing a Freedom Check will get some sort of return on their investment. Because this investment is a part of the government’s own aim to increase energy production, a percentage of the share qualifies for tax exemptions. By signing up for the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter Matt Badiali walks readers through his recommendations for the industry’s companies worth trusting for a sure potential capital gain. Visit:


Igor Cornelsen Makes It Easier to Invest with Helpful Tips

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Index funds and stocks are definitely much easier to invest in. This is where people are going to see higher rates of returns. The question is always going to be if the investment is worth your time for the long run. This is what Igor Cornelsen tries to get people to realize. He wants more people to know about how they can improve their investments by paying attention to what they are investing in.

As a former Brazilian Banker Igor knows very well that the market is filled with a lot of opportunities in Brazil just as it is in America. He does not believe that Brazil is going to have returns on investment that are always greater than the ones in America, but this is definitely the case in some scenarios. This is why Igor Cornelsen want more people to be knowledgeable about the investments that they are making. He wants them to have a great amount of variety in their portfolio. This gives investors to chance to shuffle from one area to the next when it comes to investment possibilities. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

Investors really need to know that they are in a place where they can make good choices about their investments based on the research that they have done. This is another thing that Igor makes a note of in his investment tips. He does not believe that any investors should put all of their faith and complete confidence in an outside source. A broker will make money for you, but ultimately the broker is in place to make money for themselves. Every investor has to be aware of the changes that are going to affect their investment decisions.

Finally, Igor recommends that investors take time to look at the things that are affecting the culture where they are putting their money. If the investment is in Brazil people should know a lot about raw materials in the exports where these raw materials are going. People should know the government restrictions and different policies that may affect how a company thrives in the long run. All of this is relevant. Visit:


How NetPicks Uses Over 20 Years Of Experience To Guide Traders

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NetPicks is a pioneer in the online trading industry. They were founded in 1996 when trading  assets online was in its infancy and they have grown right along with this industry. One of their specialties is FX trading, also called currency trading, Forex trading, and foreign exchange trading ( Basically what this involves is making money as different currencies rise and fall in value to other currencies. If you know the right strategies there is plenty of money to be made in FX trading.

Knowledgeable currency traders use what is called currency pairs. This involves trading one currency value against one other currency’s value. Most of these pairs use the American dollar. The dollar is paired against the yen, euro, the pound sterling, the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, and the Canadian dollar. Traders have the choice of more exotic currencies to trade but the risks involved in doing so really are never going to be worth the award (

Another tip NetPicks offers is that you ought to spot trade, something that most experienced currency traders do. Futures markets and forward markets can also be traded, though, which is commonly done by business owners who feel the need to hedge their risks. Some also do what is called leveraged trading, which is on the opposite side of this because you borrow the funds you use to trade. That can be a pretty risky strategy as you have to pay back what you owe regardless of whether or not you made money on your trading activity.

NetPicks offers an education to people who want to engage in currency trading as well as futures, ETFs, stocks, and options trading. The people they provide an education to can be tailored towards people who just want to spend a few minutes a day at this activity to those with a few hours to those who want to make it their career.

As they explain on their website, NetPicks helps people by installing indicators on their computer. They are always available to explain that rule you find tricky yet again. They are also always willing to hear your investment ideas and guide you onto the right path making money through investing.

For update on Netpicks recent timeline activities, visit Crunchbase.

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