How Gregory Aziz Pushed National Steel Car To Success

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Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman and chief executive officer of National Steel Car. This is a company that he bought from Dofasco. He has played a very big role in reviving the rail industry in the North America region. The railroad industry in America has had a very long history. It started in the ages of Andrew Carnegie and Thunderbolt. The freight corporations have also grown by a huge extent making the services of railroad freight cars a necessity. The success that we see today can be attributed to the efforts of one man. That is Greg J Aziz. His contribution to the growth of National Steel Car has been enormous. National Steel Car is the biggest manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America region. It is also a leading engineering manufacturer in the whole world.  Click Here to learn more.


As the CEO of the company, Greg’s main role was to put a team of motivated workers who would make the industry grow to the levels he desired. True to his words, he has been able to transform the company into a multi-billion company that it is today. National Steel Car is involved in the manufacture of; open to hopper, jumbo box car, super duty box, 29000G Tank Car, 25500G Tank Car and the intermodal well. Apart from that, the company is involved in the manufacture of 30500G Tank Car, coal, flat, intermodal spine, gondola, coil, the auto rack and the centerbeam.


One of the areas that Greg Aziz sought improvements in his attempt to revive the company was in bringing in modern technology in the operations of the company. This actually has been the edge the company enjoys over its competitors. Since he took over the company has been on a steady growth. He has been able to create morale in his workforce of about three thousand five hundred employees. He has also made a good reputation for the company by always ensuring that the products of the company are of the highest quality possible. For about eighteen years consecutively National Steel Car has scooped the TTX SECO award for its quality work. This is quite an achievement knowing that this is an award that is given to the best companies there is in the world.

Greg Aziz believes in quality products and services for all their clients. He has invested a lot into the company in terms of human resource for it to be where it is today, remember that when he was taking over the leadership, the company was almost collapsing.


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Sawyer Howitt, The Model Resilient Millennial

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     Millenials certainly have been through a lot. After starting their adult lives during a recession, they are finally beginning to become successful. During the said recession, they had every reason to want to give up, but they did not. In fact, compared to other generations millennials displayed a great amount of optimism.

Millennials are defined as people born between 1980 and 2000. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, around 27% of these individuals are starting their own businesses. This equates to 160,000 new businesses opening each month solely by people in this age group. This is very impressive, especially considering their young age. It is ground breaking and unprecedented compared to other generations, especially considering the recession they had to endure. Millennials take to entrepreneurship like fish in water. It comes naturally to them and they are very skilled at it.

Sawyer Howitt is a millennial. Mr. Howitt graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. He is an example of one of the many millennials that are creating their own success stories. He has an understanding of a broad subject base, including financial and operational needs of successfully running a business. He has unique ideas and is passionate and sincere in all he does.

Recently, Mr. Howitt became a project manager for the Meriwether Group, a business development service located in Portland, Oregon, Howitt’s hometown.

In addition to being business savvy, Mr. Howitt is also nice and takes pride in his customer service skills. He is a good samaritan as well, often donating his time to charities and running mentoring programs for young. He is also a feminist. His hobbies include fishing, playing racquetball and he is a big fan of the Portland Trailblazers. He is in the process of enrolling at the University of California, in Berkeley.

Howitt, like many millennials, is business oriented. He has a passion for startup companies and urges businesses to invest in small-business loans. Sawyer Howitt is a model millennial and the definition of resilience.

Read Sawyer’s Advice For Young Entrepreneurs for more.

Whitney Wolfe Takes Charge in the Dating Industry

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Bumble is a dating app in the US, the app was founded by its current CEO Whitney Wolfe on 1st September 2014. The app has distinguished itself from dating apps following its marketing strategy “women first” that aims at allowing women to make the first move. This strategy has proved to be very efficient as the company is already giving seasoned veterans such as tinder and cupid a run for their money.

Recently the company CEO was approached by dating giant Match group to sell the organization for 450 million dollars. Match group is the umbrella organization that owns other dating sites such as tinder, and OKCupid. The offer was made because the organization saw the success which Bumble was having. Whitney Wolfe turned down the offer for the purchase.

The offer was rejected as it was seen as an undervalue of the organization’s worth. Bumble offered its monthly subscription at 9.99$ and the company adds about 50000 new user daily which meant that it is able to make a whole lot more than the price which they offered for it. Though the company is small having about 30 employees it is still able to match all the subscribers who join it. The company was made in order to solve the problems which other dating sites did not seem to take into consideration.

The founder of the company, Whitney Wolfe was born in the year 1990. Wolfe went to Southern Methodist University to receive a Bachelor of Arts in International relations. After finishing her studies she went and started working for Tinder. At the organization she was made the Vice president in charge of marketing she worked there up to the year 2013. Whitney wolf left Tinder due to Conflicts with the management of the company.

After leaving Tinder she decided to go and start her own dating website Bumble. The site is a lot like tinder only that women have most of the power. Bumble has also recently introduced a new platform BumbleBff which is aimed at helping the female users to be able to find and make friends from the site.


How Gregory James Aziz Has Grown National Steel Car Into A Top Company In North America

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Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian millionaire who owns National Steel Car. He also serves as the auto mobile manufacturer’s CEO and board chairman. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the firm is regarded as a top builder of road freight cars. Aziz pursued an economics degree at the University of Western Ontario. He was then employed by Affiliate Foods in 1971. The company belonged to his family, and it has specialized in the wholesale food business. It grew rapidly and had become a global food importer by 1987. Affiliate Food’s primary wholesale market was in the United States and Eastern Canada. Most of the commodities that it sold were acquired from Central America, South America, and different parts of Europe


Aziz later decided to venture into the investment banking sector and went to look for the greener pastures in New York in the late 1980s. The entrepreneur gained interest in National Steel Car and bought it in 1994. He has been committed to growing the firm into a top railroad freight car manufacturer. Gregory J. Aziz’s company currently supplies its products in North America. National Steel Car has put together an excellent staff that comprises of highly skilled engineers. It has a total of 2400 employees. As from 1994 to 2000, the firm managed to grow its annual production from 3,500 to 12,000 cars. For the past 18 years, the corporation has been rated as the best manufacturer of railroad cars in North America due to its remarkable innovation and engineering skills.


The people of Hamilton, Ontario appreciate the businessman due to his generosity. His company generates millions of dollars, and this has enabled him to make significant contributions to the community. He is a major benefactor of foundations such as the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, and the United Way. National Steel Car acknowledges the good work of its employees by organizing Christmas parties for them every year. It has also encouraged its staff to contribute towards food drives that are hosted by local food banks. Aziz has his wife are recognized by the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair as its major donors.

Greg Aziz has been striving to offer the best vehicles in North America for the past 23 years that he has owned National Steel Car. He is one of the wealthiest business men in Ontario. Aziz has managed to be successful due to his business management skills, employee relationships, and community service. Read More Information Here.

Netpicks offering trade directives to its clients

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Wise trading is the backbone for every investment. Netpicks being that trading company that offers high-level trading to the regular traders. Its headquarters are located in Irving Texas. Here at the trading firm, Netpicks offers services ranging from the forex, stocks, ETFs and also future options for their businesses. Here at Netpick, the main objective is to educate people to trade smarter. And you will realize that there are various packages from where the clients can benefit from. These include the full-time career, the part time and also done in minutes. This was a client can login with the set goal, and the system works the rest. Here the company tries to strike a balance between the tech advancement and also the fostering of a sustainable development and environment.

Netpicks explains that the ETFs that focus on the environment and also the gender issues are worth the trial. Netpicks also selected some of the best ETFs, and they included the ETF Etho climate leadership U.S which mainly focuses on the carbon footprint. Netpicks highlight it as the best option with the knowledge that the companies with the least carbon emission get the higher priority.  Learn from options provided on

On the flip side when choosing the best of the ETFs, you should peg your decision along with several factors. Some of these crucial factors will lie in between the expenses involved and also the area of the investment picked.  For trading tips, click on this useful link.

Additional tips available on this.

Netpicks is a trading company situated and headquartered in Irving Texas. Its major aim is to educate its clients on the top trade tips. It’s headed by Mark Soberman and a pack of trained staff behind him. He brings into the field a wealthy experience of 25 years trading education and a further 17 years of trading education; he brings that expert touch into the firm.   Related article on

Founded in the year 1996 as an online trading firm, it has grown to offer trading solutions and trading education to almost all prospect traders. It captures the forex, futures, stocks, potions and lastly the ETFs showing that it fully dedicates to help the traders achieve success in the global markets.  Here’s a rare chance to see what goes on inside the live counterpunch trader traderoom, hit this.

National Steel Car is Still a Rail Industry Leader

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National Steel Car has led the industry in making rail cars since they first started. The company is always working on new innovations and that is what has given them the chance to continue growing. They know the right way to profit and they know how to make the company better in different ways. National Steel Car has tried their best to cater to the businesses that they work with and they have been able to grow because of the commitment that they have and the dedication that they have continued to show to the people who they are working with.


Gregory James Aziz is the leader of the company and currently operates as the CEO. He tries to ensure that he can help people with the issues that they are having and he tries his best to ensure that the company is growing. Since Gregory Aziz knows a lot about the industry, he is confident that his skills will give him the chance to try more and do more with the business. While he is continuing to cater to other companies, he also does what he can to make sure that National Steel Car is doing what they can for themselves.


When they are in the engineering phase, G James Aziz continues to monitor the different ways that they are doing things. He knows that engineering can be the most important part of the entire process so he keeps an eye on what the employees are doing for that part of the construction of the steel cars. Gregory Aziz has continued to help people with the issues that they have by offering them advice during engineering of the different things that they can do in their own steel car part. Find him on Facebook.


To ensure that they are doing things right, Gregory Aziz only hires those who he believes are assets to National Steel Car. He knows that the right employee can make a huge difference and he does his best to show them what they should be doing. By hiring the assets for the company, he continues to show them what they can do and what they will be able to experience no matter what is going on with the company. Gregory Aziz knows that this will be the best way to experience different parts of the business and different parts of the rail industry that they are dealing with in their company. Additional Information Here.


Alfonso de Angoitia is a Media Executive of High Repute

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     The Mexican media sector has recorded rapid expansion and advancement over the past 20 years. This growth has been triggered by the emergence of alternative sources of revenue for media firms. Nowadays, newspapers and TV stations do not entirely depend on government ad revenue. Several independent media outlets have emerged to offer an accurate interpretation of the nation’s political trends.




Televisa is a Mexico-based media firm of high repute. The company is a prominent cable operator in the Spanish-speaking nation. It distributes its high-quality content via many broadcast channels not only in Mexico but also in more than 50 nations through cable operators, television networks, pay-tv brands, and over-the-top services. In the U.S., Televisa distributes its audiovisual content via Univision Communications Inc., a top media firm that serves the Hispanic market. Univision receives royalty payment upon broadcasting the audiovisual content of Televisa via multiple platforms.


Alfonso de Angoitia in brief


Alfonso de Angoitia has enjoyed a successful career as a media executive for many years. He is among the members of the strategic committee responsible for making Grupo Televisa, S.A., one of the biggest media firms in Mexico. Angoitia has also utilized his membership to the Board of Televisa to help the company in making tactical decisions. His leadership skills and experience have earned him top board-membership positions in Grupo Modelo SAB, PBD Mexico, Univision, and Sky.




Alfonso used to serve as the personal lawyer of Emilio Azcarraga, who is the current boss of Grupo Televisa. After the passing on of Azcarraga’s dad, Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, Alfonso assisted Emilio Azcarraga in restructuring the firm to reclaim operating control. Alfonso also worked at the NYC-based White & Case LLP. Then, he joined Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes S.C as one of the founding partners. Between 1999 and 2003, Alfonso was the CFO at Grupo Televisa. His impeccable leadership style paid off, and he ascended to the position of Executive VP of the firm.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Many Thoughts

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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, expert behind Grupo Televisa, Mexico, knows it all. He has not only shared his thoughts on recent media scandals and relevant news in his country. He has also written about his own thoughts on his favorite web browsers as shared below:

Web browsers are boring. Let’s rephrase that: Any vanilla versions of Firefox and Google Chrome are solely designed for broad appeal with simple access, making them them quite basic. However, you may spruce them up by using plugins – also called extensions – which add features to extend your browser’s capabilities.

Some plugins are specifically designed to improve your browser’s security while others may block distracting websites during certain hours of the day. They’re optional, so you can simply uninstall them if they don’t suit your needs. We have found the following plugins quite useful.


Most productivity plugins usually focus on organization with distraction reduction.

Evernote’s web clipper, available for Chrome and Firefox, synchronizes with all desktop and mobile versions of itself to store nearly anything that you find for you to later read, watch or listen to.

Wunderlist, also made for Chrome and Firefox, is a planning program to help you create urgent to-do lists, reminders and more; it employs quite a similar sync tool for adding web content to any desktop or mobile schedule.

Privacy and security

Security plugins must be used with the best antivirus softwares and a proper VPN at all times.

Disconnect for Chrome and Firefox provides a mind-map visualisation of all trackers linked to websites that you visit, with options for blocking them – as means to privacy and data protection.

Flagfox for Firefox gives you much information about active websites – including server locations, safety reputations and whether they use SSL, which stands for Secure-Socket Layer protection, so that you make informed decisions about whether each page is both safe and legitimate.

HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome and Firefox automatically improves multiple security standards for thousands of websites by merely switching them from HTTP to HTTPS protocol, which will provide added protection against hacking, theft of data and surveillance issues.


Dr. Clay Siegall: Spearheading the Growth of Cancer Treatment Research

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Dr. Clay Siegall recently granted Inspirery an interview. The CEO of Seattle Genetics discussed his career and how his firm is contributing in the field of cancer research. He also narrated of his entrepreneurial career, from establishing Seattle Genetics in 1998, making his first profit, and to eventually making it big in the industry.


How Seattle Genetics Came To Be


Two sectors that have been close to Clay’s heart since childhood- technology and medicine- were key in guiding him in his career choice. He always saw technology as the catalyst that would speed up discoveries in the health sector, saving more lives in the process. When a relative of his got diagnosed with cancer, Clay got a firsthand experience of the pain cancer patients are subjected to in the treatment process. He was a student at the University of Maryland then. That was the experience that compelled him to pursue a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University upon graduating from Maryland.


After getting the Ph.D., he established the Seattle Genetic. Through the firm, Clay can conduct research and, together with his team, develop antibody conjugates. Today, the Seattle has grown to become a leader in the cancer research industry.


Business Returns


Everyone works to earn a living and Clay Siegall is not an exemption. He admitted that he earns handsomely from selling drugs that his firm develops. Secondly, production partnerships fetch him some good earnings. Seattle Genetics is also involved in pushing for drug approval by the FDA, and that is also a source of revenue. Clay Siegall is satisfied with the returns his investment yields.

These handsome returns didn’t just start trickling in immediately he started the firm. He told Inspirery that it took Seattle Genetic a whole decade before it registered its first substantial profits. In fact, he admitted that he had contemplated quitting within the first years due to the prevailing business challenges then.


More about Clay Siegall


Dr. Clay Siegall’s experience in the cancer therapy makes many organization source advice from him. He belongs to the boards of organizations such as Mirna Therapeutics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

Besides the board memberships, Clay Siegall is a team member in several institutions. Some of these institutions include the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health.


Greg’s knows money doesn’t grown on trees, but he can teach you how it’s really made!

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Businessman and Entrepreneur, Greg Secker is a financial trader, teacher, and Philanthropist, and was recently interviewed by Inspirery. Greg has had a very impressive professional life. At the age of 27, he was able to leave the corporate world and trade from home. He admits that one of his greatest achievements was his creation Learn to Trade, which has allowed him to teach about 200,000 people the art of trading, allowing them the same shot at the financial freedom he now has. Admittedly, Greg warned that it can take time, but it is the best feeling in the world to be out on your own.


Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England on February 18, 1975, and was educated at the University of Nottingham. Greg has held many influential roles such as Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation and is the creator of The Virtual Trading Desk, a real time Forex trading system. Greg is also the owner of SmartCharts Software (another type of Forex trading software), and Capital Index a brokerage firm. Nowadays, Greg’s efforts are centered towards education and he travels extensively as a guest speaker at conferences around the globe, sharing his wealth of knowledge with eager new traders, who are ready to learn the craft.


Moreover, in terms of his Philanthropic ventures, Greg is the founder of the charity known as The Greg Secker Foundation. The charity is focused on improving the quality of life for children, regardless of their background. Through life skills training and education, it is Greg’s hope that all of the children helped by the charity will be equipped with the best tools possible to help them prosper in life. Furthermore, Greg has come up with creative ways to raise money for his charity over the years. Once he even traded from a plane while flying over London, and this act gave birth to the Tradeathon. The Tradeathon is a competition among traders to see who can raise the most money in a 24 hour period. Greg is truly a pioneer and the best asset that the trading world has to offer.


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