Shared Offices Space Isn’t A Recent Trend

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The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy


Now more than ever, the creation of the best on most innovative co-working spaces is on the rise. With examples of successful co-working spaces such as Google, business are now utilizing this model in order to increase the overall efficiency within work spaces. The conceptual idea of a co-work space is a great reminder of 15th century Italy during the age of the Renaissance. During this time, bottegas or workshops were common among artists which gave them a shared work space to create innovative artwork while remaining in friendly competition with one another. In 15th century Florence, artists in these Bottegas were committed to not only teaching new artists, but also towards nurturing talents, and creating new and innovative techniques.

The Renaissance, much like present day puts a high value on creation. Much like the 15th century, current bottegas are filled with engineers, artists, mathematicians, architects, and many other professions that have the same goal of creating some innovative that has never before been seen or created by anyone. The result of this hard work and competitive environment was entrepreneurship, innovative designs, as well as technologies that have never been invested prior to that moment. With the mixture of social and economic values, artists back then, much like in present day were able to create anything.


The best coworking space in NYC is Workville. Workville’s designs all consist of a 5-star vibe that combines sophistication, elegance, as well as a brand new vibe that has never before been seen. Workville creates optimized office spaces that all feature light and have an open feel in each one of the spaces. Everyone of the sun-drenched offices that Workville creates receives the best reviews as they create an efficient workplace that has every single employee excited to go to work everyday.


At Workville, people come to work everyday and work happily. Workville understands that employees must be rewarded for their efficiency and dedication which is why Workville has incorporated fast internet, cafes, private phones, cleaning services, printers, as well as terraces within the building. At Workville, employees are even just steps away from premier locations such as Bryant Park, Time Square, as well as major transportation lines such as the subway or the bus. Workers are encouraged to enjoy the atmosphere of New York City while they are working as happiness promotes a good work ethic.

Darius Fisher Reveals Secrets to Success

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Darius Fisher was the subject of a recent Small Business Forum’s Secrets of Success weekly interview series and Fisher certainly does embody the word success. The premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm, Status Labs, which Fisher is the co-founder and president of has a worldwide reach, serving more than 1500 clients in 35 countries. Status Labs has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo and provides services specializing in digital crisis management to athletes, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, politicians, and other high profile figures.


Prior to co-founding Status Labs, Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt with honors and worked as a political consultant and copywriter. He marks his permanent departure from copy-writing to pursue entrepreneurship full-time as one of the most pivotal points in his professional life. In 2015 he was listed among PRWeek’s Innovation 50, an annual list recognizing top rising stars of public relations and digital communications. He has also been featured in The Observer, The New York Times, Yahoo!, DuJour, Daily Beast, US News and World Report.


Fisher says that he had wanted to be a baseball player as a child and ultimately chose an entrepreneurial path so that he could work for himself and have the freedom to travel. When asked about advice and best practices, Fisher recommends that entrepreneurs “find the quickest line to money”, and “Focus on selling rather than on the other nonsense that doesn’t contribute to your growth.” Fittingly, he notes his favorite book as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and when asked about his favorite quote, answered “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

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Wasseem Boraie Leading Newark’s Renaissance

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For years the State of New Jersey has been trying to revitalize the economy of its biggest city but has had very few tangible results. Wasseem Boraie, executive vice president of Boraie Development, has helped change the focus of city leaders from focusing on one project to move their idea of production into different smaller projects. Many of the projects which are taking place simultaneously, are meant to stimulate the housing market. This gives new options for residents. There are between 5-10 major construction projects in the works or soon to be started in New Jersey’s largest city. This constriction is providing current residents with great options for living and new residents the same. Boraie and his company are in charge of a 168 Unit high rise building located on Rector Street.

Boraie is fully behind the model that has been successful in other New Jersey cities like New Brunswick and Jersey City. By creating new and attractive housing options for people it leads to more business investment opportunities to provide services for those people and to be a part of a community that is rising. The reason that these projects take so long to complete is that the cost is large and needs to be covered in a variety of ways. There is a combination of private funding, traditional debt and of course certain subsidies at the state and local level. Bringing all this together has been a testament to the community and its leadership that has found a way to thrive.

A great example of one of the project locations is Springfield Avenue Marketplace which is one of the current projects underway in the city. It will provide 152 apartments which are market rate as well as some great retail spaces. These spaces are premium because they will be a part of a built in community right from the start. That is why about ¾ of the rental space is spoken for already. It is believed that the momentum building in Newark is building will attract even more real estate investment interest to the area. It is hoped that large capital investors from New York to the Hudson Waterfront Area. There simply hasn’t been enough of this type of opportunity in the city until the recent revitalization project.

Wasseem Boraie has been in the real estate development business for many years and provides a wide range of services to clients and has worked successfully on many urban real estate market services. He has also built a team of professionals at his firm that can provide first rate service to handle property management, sales and marketing and real estate development. They combine partnerships with the strongest financial institutes and architects to create a shared vision of completing successful projects. They are focused on revitalizing the City of Newark, one great project at a time.

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Beneful’s Line of Medleys Combine Great Taste with Nutrition

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In an effort to provide dog owners with more varieties of flavorful products, Nestle PurinaStore, the makers of Beneful have introduced an entire line on of medley recipes sure to please both owners and dogs.
Mediterranean Style Medley

This unique combination of ingredients provides dogs with the rich full flavor found in Mediterranean dishes. Made with a savory sauce, this product is available as a wet dog food. The ingredients used to create this unique flavor include real chunks of lamb as well as pieces of tomato, and spinach, combined with brown rice. These ingredients provide dogs with all the nutrition needed to stay healthy.

Romana Style Medley

Designed to give dogs a taste of old world Italy, this product contains real pieces of chicken, carrots and spinach combined with delicious pieces of pasta. Made with a bountiful Italian sauce, this wet food provides balanced nutrition in each tasty mouthful.

Tuscan Style Medley

As one of the International medley varieties this recipe includes the rich taste of beef. The unique blend of carrots, spinach and rice enhance the overall taste and nutrition of this variety. Providing dogs with the full flavor of Tuscany, this product is available as a wet dog food made with a delicious sauce.

Simmered Chicken Medley

This homestyle recipe incorporates many wholesome ingredients in a blend sure to please even the most discerning dog palate. Made with bits of chicken, green beans, carrots and brown rice, this product is available as a wet dog food. The specially formulated blend of ingredients in this medley provides dogs with both great taste and nutrition.

Beef & Chicken Medley

Dogs love the great taste of beef, which is why this medley incorporates the flavors of both beef and chicken using real chunks of fresh meat. To compliment the flavor of the natural meats, this recipe also includes bits of green beans, carrots and brown rice. As a wet dog food, this product also comes with a rich delicious tasting sauce. Providing the perfect blend of taste and nutrition, this homestyle medley is sure to please any dog. Visit for the complete list.


Fabletics: New And Exciting Collections

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In a recent article with Fabletics co-founder, Kate Hudson, she discusses news for the company. Since athleisure has become such a regular form of clothing and not just used as active wear, the popular line is adding a collection of versatile athleisure dresses. These dresses will simply be made of active wear materials and hold the comfort you find in athletic wear, while also having the qualities of spanx material. Kate Hudson is interviewed by Marie Claire on,a popular magazine that features only the best fashion, about the use of these new dresses and what benefits they have to athleisure lovers everywhere.

Let’s face it- many of us have become attached to our yoga pants and use them everyday in whatever fashion statement we are trying to make. Kate Hudson makes the point that these dresses are every lazy girls dream. Dressing up for an event can be a hassle and since athleisure has become a lifestyle, comfort has become much more important to everyone. Whether you’re going out on the town, simply staying home or have a date on, these dresses can fit every event. Kate then goes on to talk about her swimwear collection- yes! Swimwear! Athletic, comfortable, fashionable swimwear that will compliment your shape. It’s clear that Kate Hudson is on to something working with this company- athleisure is so big right now and she’s introducing all the right products for athleisure addicts to indulge in!

If you aren’t familiar with Fabletics, it’s an athleisure company that you can subscribe to online. Each month, athleisure wear will be sent to your door for an extremely reasonable cost. The main attraction for Fabletics is definitely revolved around the cost. In comparison to competitor brands, you just can’t do any better. Not only that but the styles are unique, vibrant and extremely versatile. Since athleisure is so commonly worn as a regular fashion statement, it’s easy to see why Fabletics has become such a big company adored by their fans. Adding dresses and swimwear was a great move and a great incentive to their loyal customers. It’s important to switch things up, and Fabletics is always sure to keep things new and exciting.

Michael Zomber Has A Passion For Japanese Metalwork

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Japan is home to one of the world’s oldest cultures. Japanese culture combines many features and incorporates influences from China, Korea and contemporary western thought. Many people all over the world have been drawn to Japanese concepts of the world. One such person is Michael Zomber. Zomber has long found this part of the world one in which he can learn from and explore closely. His passion for this part of the world has helped him become one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of Japanese swords and the unique kind of armor that was created in this part of the world.

Japanese Crafts

From an early age, Zomber has been interested in the world of Japanese metalwork. Japanese craftsmen developed a unique and amazing form of armor and swords that were highly prized in Japan and in other parts of the world. Today, Zomber is proud to help spread his understanding of this world and the amazing metalworking techniques that were used by artisans back then. He has studied this kind of metalwork very closely and learned as much as possible about the way that artisans back were able to create armor and swords that were both subtly decorated and yet incredibly light and durable at the same time.

Sharing His Love

Zomber has aimed to help people around the world appreciate the astonishing culture of this region by helping them admire and even purchase Japanese metal and swords from this time frame. His work has included assistance to those who wish to start a collection of Japanese metal as well as those who wish to add to a collection of Japanese metal of all kinds. His clients have come to depend on his judgement and his unique ability to help them determine if a particular piece of Japanese armor is right for their needs.

An Expert

In short, Zomber has been able to turn his passion for Japanese metalwork into a business that allows him to do something he loves and allows his clients to benefit from his years of experience and knowledge. He remains one of the world’s foremost experts in this field with a long list of clients who continue to rely on his expertise. He hopes to continue to see his business expand in the future as people increasingly join him in his appreciation for this period of Japanese and world history.  Be sure to check out his books on Amazon as well.

Madison Street Capital Is Thriving In A Tough Merger And Acquisition Market

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The merger and acquisition market in the United States is off, according to the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. Botchway recently told a reporter that the political uncertainty and tight credit along with a very low confidence level has made mergers and acquisition deals fall to the lowest level in eight years. Dealmakers like Botchway aren’t swayed by the typical issues that hold other merger and acquisition companies back. Madison Street Capital is still closing merger and acquisition deals in spite of the bad press and falling profit margins.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment firm that focuses on small and medium-sized companies. COO Anthony Marsala works with clients that need corporate restructuring help as well as help getting their bottom line profits up to the yearly forecast. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia and Africa as well as in North American, so the Madison Street Capital team has the connections to put foreign corporations together at any time.

Botchway thinks the second half of 2016 will be better than the first half of the year in terms of industry-wide mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital’s business is still better than last year in spite of financing issues and a political three-ring circus that has executives wondering what will happen next. There were 330 middle-market merger and acquisition deals made in the first quarter of 2016 and Madison Street Capital was involved in a large percentage of those deals. That number of deals is the lowest number of mergers and acquisitions since 2009, according to Mr. Botchway. Botchway also said the total deal value in the first quarter of 2016 was $59.6 billion, and that number is less than the first quarter of 2015.

Anthony Marsala thinks many corporations were cutting slow-growth product lines, so they can focus on the products lines that produce the most profit. Marsala also thinks the second half of 2016 will be a good merger and acquisition period for Madison Street because the company has several deals in the works that could close by the end of the year.

Jennifer Walden: Fame & Success

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You may have heard of the popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is well known for having trained many professionals in New York City and for her own practice located in Austin, Texas. This educated professional arguably has it all: A successful business, a beautiful family, support from her colleagues and clients, and fame for being known as one of the top 24 surgeons in America.

Before starting her rewarding career, Dr. Walden attended the University of Texas, and was accepted into medical school soon after graduating. She ended up graduating as Salutatorian from the medical school and was later matched into the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. She enjoyed the artistry of plastic surgery and wanted to help women regain confidence by looking their best. Once she completed her degrees, she was accepted into an exclusive fellowship program at the Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital- she was only one of two accepted in total. She started her practice in Manhattan, and has been working as a plastic surgeon for over thirty years now.

This woman is a force to be reckoned with: smart, successful and a single mother of two. In her thirties, she decided to have in-vitro-fertilization so that she could become a mother. She was blessed with twins- Rex and Houston. She started a new practice in Austin, TX, here hometown, after the arrival of her sons and business has been thriving ever since.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only woman on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has also won many awards, and is a published author. A media darling, this woman is definitely an inspiration to women everywhere.

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Education, Drive, And Determination Is How Shaygan Kheradpir Became A Success

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Shaygan Kheradpir has worked for decades honing his skills in leadership, management, financial restructuring of companies finances, and assisting companies to become and remain successful.

Shaygan worked for GTE as an engineer, and Control and Management for the company in 1987. Then he was given the position of overseeing the internet working and wireless systems of GTE in Dallas, Texas. When he parted with the company he held the position of Chief Information Officer.

The merging of the Bell Atlantic company with GTE in the year 2000 is the popular Verizon Communications company. His next venture led him to work in the New York office of Verizon Communications. He was the President of the E-Business division and Chief Technology Officer.

Verizon’s Fiber Optic System or FiOs success came from the contributions of Kheradpir team. The team accomplished remarkable results using their imaginations to conquer every problem that arose to make the new technology run smoothly.
They have made American History because FiOS turned into a $12 billion success story.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays and Juniper Networks In 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for bringing the investment banking operations, worldwide retail, credit card, and wealth management into the digital age. His next move was to take the reins as Chief Technology Officer in 2013.

The Marlin Equity Partners’ firm launched Coriant Inc, an Optical Networking Vendor. Their technology serves a multitude of industries including submarine and rural network operators, large businesses and government agencies.
Shaygan started to work for the Coriant company in 2014 and became Chief Executive Officer in September of 2015. The Telecommunications world is changing the way a company can operate more efficiently and satisfy the consumers. The company is moving forward smoothly with Shaygan Kheradpir at the helm.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in 1960 in London, England. He attended Cornell University and was awarded his Bachelors of Science degree, Masters of Science degree and then his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1987.
Shaygan built his career with a good education, worked in his chosen field and learned how a business operated and became a successful businessman.

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Doubts Arise Around Yeonmi Park Story But What Really Happened?

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Yeonmi Park, also known as Park Yeon-mi, has been the source of both great fanfare and widespread derision since she escaped from North Korea with her mother in 2007. She became famous through her speech videos on Youtube, which has been generating millions of views. Her story is a curious and exceptional one; when she was very young, living under the dictatorial regime of the Ill’s North Korea, her father was imprisoned on trumped up charges of smuggling and illegal bartering. His incarceration left the Park family destitute and struggling to make ends meets. On their last leg and starving Yeonmi’s mother and father decided that enough was enough hand that the only thing to be done was to leave the country – to defect to South Korea. Eventually Yeonmi, her sister and her mother were all able to do so but her father was not so lucky, as he died of cancer before he was ever able to join them. Yeonmi and her mother both suffered greatly on the journey as well but eventually were able to successfully escape and reunite with their sister Eunmi in South Korea some time later.
Sounds like a very inspiring success story, right? Well it is, or rather it was, but fairly recently all this began to change as many portions and facts relating to Yeonmi’s story began to be called into question. One of Yeonmi’s primary challengers was, rather unsurprisingly, various factions within the North Korean establishment government. The allegations are that Yeonmi’s story is false due to the fact that she has told certain parts of her story out of order or omitted certain details. So how to get to the bottom of it? Is Park telling the truth or is she merely a “Celebrity defector,” nothing more than a, “Puppet of the Human Right’s Plot,” as North Korea alleges (you can find more information on what’s been said about Ms. Park at

Well there is a very simple and easy way of clearing all of this up and that is by understanding some simple facts about Ms. Park. For starters, the Reason TV explained, she has has primarily been telling her story in English to a English speaking audience for years now, but English is not her first language which will naturally give rise to occasional mistakes. Secondly, the primary source of outrage was that she had omitted the fact that she was sexually assaulted during her defection, but given how stigmatizing and traumatic such a experience can be it is completely understandable that one would be reticent to divulge such sensitive, personal information.

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