Chaz by Wen Gets 7-Day Test Run

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Wen hair is a full line of hair cleaning and styling products. If you read the reviews, most women swear by the products and believe they are the best thing since sliced bread.
But not all ladies are ready to believe the hype. Buzzle Health and Beauty Editor Emily McClure decided to give the products a 7-day whirl to see if they are really as good as advertised.

Emily chose the sephora fig cleanser for her hair, which she describes as oil and flat. The cleanser calls for quite a bit of product — 14-16 pumps. After the first day, Emily says she saw some results. Her hair was less oily, had more shine and was much more manageable. However, she did find that missing one day of treatment caused her hair to quickly revert back to its old state. After returning to the routine, her hair regained shine and volume. One drawback: the product did make her a bit more oily.

Emily’s overall verdict: the products are really good if you stick with a routine. If you’re lazy and not willing to use the products as directed, it shouldn’t be your go-to product.

Wen hair was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Cher, Madonna and Gloria Estafan. Chaz introduced his products to deliver beautiful hair without all the fuss. His 5-in-1 products replace shampoo, condition, detangler and even leave-in conditioner. The products are all natural and leave your hair and scalp clean and healthy.

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Duda Melzer Brings A Global Vision To Brazil’s RBS Group

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The media industry is one that can be described as truly global in the 21st century as ideas and programming now transcend the globe as new forms of media and streaming options provide viewers with more options than ever before. Brazil’s RBS Group has recently looked to the future with the appointment of a new President, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known by his nickname of Duda. The movement towards a new form of media transmission has seen the respected RBS Group look to find a new way of reaching viewers through the use of new media that has opened up new areas of success for the company.

Melzer is a member of the successful Sirotsky family, who have been in control of the RBS Group since it was estabklished in 1957 by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky. The company has grown to include 18 TV affiliates and a number of other media outlets, but are now looking to move into the latest media areas that are opening up in non traditional areas of the industry.

In appointing Duda Melzer as the new president of the RBS Group the company is opening up new areas of success for the future, which includes the chance to explore non traditional media options that Melzer is something of an expert in. Duda Melzer spent a period of his working life exploring new media options in the U.S. in leadership positions at a range of media outlets, which he feels has given him the chance to expand the options available to RBS as he leads the company into what should be a successful future.


Duda Melzer Is A Media Leader In World Association of Newspapers and Publishers

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The news reporters in Brazil are busy. The country has never had the kind of international media attention that it has now. It seems everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and people like Duda Melzer, the CEO of the RBS Media Group, is trying to put a positive spin on the news these days, but it’s hard to do. The economic situation is creating issues for the middle class, and inflation is exacerbating those issues.

The Zika virus made headline news around the world, and it has cast a dark shadow over the upcoming Olympic Games. President Dilma Rousseff ‘s political demise is also headline news, and Duda Melzer’s company is reporting all those events with dignity and fairness. Duda is a media leader. He travels around the world talking about how the news is presented. He is considered one of the major voices in the World Association of Newspapers and Publishers.

Duda Melzer was born to be a media aficionado. His grandfather started RBS in 1957, and his uncle guided the company through its expansion period until Duda took over in January 2016. The RBS Group has 18 TV stations around the country. There are also 24 radio stations and eight newspapers that fall under the RBS Group’s umbrella. The corporation also has a record company, a printing company, a logistics company, and a digital technology development company. RBS is in every Brazilian state, and Duda Melzer is the man that calls the shots when it comes to how the news is reported in those states. That’s a challenging job because the negative stories are overshadowing the positive news, There are a lot of positive things happening in Brazil, according to Melzer.


Securus Improving Inmate Phone Calling

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Dallas-based Securus Technologies [see,] is going a long way in improving inmate phone calling. The state-of-the-art technology is providing better service at an affordable rate.
Securus has recently released something that will set it company’s tools apart from other companies. The “Big Data” analytical tool has completely overhauled the systems investigative capacities. The Investigative Solutions upgrades the interface and provides more powerful analysis. Several of the system’s unnecessary actions have been eliminated.

The THREADS 3.1 is an easy to use interface that provides investigators a more advanced way to research. The tool requires little training and provides, but provides comprehensive actionable intelligence.

THREADS 3.1 offers a number of features that weren’t seen in the original. Users can now listen to calls while receiving real-time analysis. If THREADS was the gold standard THREADS 3.1 is platinum. The tool also picks up on calling patterns that may seem suspicious.

Correctional facilities across the country are singing the praise of the newly improved data feature. The old system was good but had some holes that could be easily exploited by both inmates and staff. “We do our best to keep the tools of law enforcement agencies running smoothly,” said one Linked In official.

Created in 2001, Securus is one of the country’s leading provider of law enforcement technology. Securus also supplies public safety and monitoring solutions. Securus has recently implemented the prison video visitation platform. This system has made inmate communications less expensive and affordable. It can be used on any platform right from the comfort of your own home.

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The New Approach to Safety Concerns

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As corporations cut corners to save money and make a profit, dangerous practices arise. These practices should be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC. However, whistleblowers have not always been given the safety to blow their whistle. With so many dangerous practices going unreported, the federal government decided it was time to do something about it.

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act came around. Through this, Congress gave the whistleblowers more safety and more incentive to report the dangers of their workplace. One of the most important aspects of the new law is that those who report dangerous working conditions are less likely to be fired for reporting it. Even questionable practices can be reported under this law, with the same protections.

Among the companies that whole-heartedly took to enforcing the new law, Labaton Sucharow law firm created a practice meant to help enforce the Dodd-Frank Act. Jordan A. Thomas leads the initiative. With previous experience as the Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the Division of Enforcement of the SEC, Thomas knows what the SEC looks for during an investigation into a report. Out of the initiative that Labaton Sucharow took came the SEC Whistleblower Attorney program.

This program is meant to take the law firm’s initiative a step further. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the SEC has a variety of tools on their side to help whistleblowers feel safe. One of these new tools is a requirement to pay whistleblowers between 10 and 30 percent of any fine over $1 million when the SEC is successful in enforcing a sanction or fixing a problem. If other actions against the company due to a successful SEC investigation bring monetary fines, and the $1 million fine for the SEC was met, whistleblowers also stand to gain some of those other fines.

Furthermore, whistleblowers now have the option to report problems anonymously. Those who wish to report anonymously must be represented by an attorney, but it allows whistleblowers to feel safer in reporting. Also under the Dodd-Frank Act, employers cannot fire whistleblowers.

Other services to make whistleblowing possible are available. Some of these include translation services for those who work abroad and a variety of ways to get in touch with the SEC Whistleblower Attorney program to meet all needs.

With the new program available, whistleblowers are safer than ever before.

For a Slimmer, Firmer Complexion, Try Wengie’s Spoon Massage Technqiue

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Most Asian women are obsessed with the shape of their faces and will try most anything to create the standard, ideal V-line face shape. That’s why super Australian blogger and YouTube beauty phenomenon Wengie investigated the concept of facial massage.

Wengie enjoys a huge popularity on YouTube with more than 1.25 million followers. Her unique, attractive Australian/Chinese heritage allows her to stand out in a sea of hundreds of beauty gurus on the video internet channel. Wengie inspires her legions of followers on skin care, makeup, diet, hair, travel, exercise and even boyfriends. Her easy-going and adorable attitude make her a YouTube winner.

Today, Wengie is showing us how to perform a popular Asian facial massage that aims to slim a wide face and firm up the complexion by releasing toxins and fluid retention. Wengie uses this technique once a week and never for more than a 10-minute session.

You will need a big Chinese spoon made of ceramic as your facial massager and either a an oil or cream for dry skin or a gel for oily skin. Apply this on to the face, so that the spoon can glide across as you make firm upward strokes with the curve of the spoon, pulling up from your chin to your ears.

Wengie shows her viewers that you can also use the long stem of the spoon to cover a wider area of your face during your massage strokes.

For the forehead, Wengie demonstrates upward strokes with the curve of the full part of the spoon, and then uses the end of the spoon to effectively massage the entire eye area. The small spoon end also is ideal for the upper lip, mouth and sides of nose contours.

For the chin and very top of the neck, use the round end of the spoon.

When ending the treatment, Wengie performs the last massage with downward strokes from the jawline and neck, because she is releasing her facial toxins and fluids.

Wengie’s face feels firm and looks smaller. She measured and lost 3 millimeters off her facial width.


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How Does Free WhatsApp Help FreedomPop Users?

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WhatsApp is the only place that people come when they want to have the best messaging experience, and a lot of them will try it out for the first time when they get to FreedomPop. FreedomPop is the best place to come for cheaper service, but now people will not pay for data when they are using Whatsapp.

Venture Beat says that WhatsApp will be on every phone, and the app will be used to make sure that everyone can get onto it without using data. That is perfect for people who cannot afford more expensive plans, and they can keep all their messaging on WhatsApp instead of using the stock apps on the phone. People who had to take the cheap plans at FreedomPop can use WhatsApp to help save minutes and data, and they will not feel like they are missing out on anything. This is a very useful thing for people who want to save money, and the app can be taken with anyone who moves to another phone. It is one of the easiest things in the world to use and it is a very basic app that anyone can learn to use.

No one has to check their data when they are on WhatsApp, and they can confine their talking and texting to it if that is what they want to do. Everyone who is trying to get better results from their phone should be using this app, and people who want to save money will stay on the app for as long as possible. This is so much easier to deal with, and it is a plan that helps people who just do not have the cash to pay for these things right now. It saves everyone a lot of trouble and money.

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Beneful: Making Dogs Happy Each and Every Day

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When it comes to your dog, you want to give them the best products that money can buy. After all, they are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. There is one company that takes special pride in their dog food and that is Beneful by PurinaStore Petcare. The great thing about them is they have many great products to choose from. I’m here to walk you through just a few of them. There is, of course, Beneful Originals Chicken with Carrots, Tomatoes & Avocados All Stages Dry Dog Food, which comes in a 31.1 lb bag. See,
This is great for stocking up for a while at an affordable price. Some of the perks include protein-rich nutrition to help build strong muscles, wholesome rice, packed with carbohydrates for energy, and antioxidant-rich nutrition, accented with carrots and tomatoes, and helps support vision and a healthy immune system. This way, your dog is happy with the food while also staying healthy.

Another popular product is their Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges Sm/Med Dental Dog Snacks which comes in a 7.4 ounce pouch. This helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up and comes with delicious meats accented with real parsley. This is, again, a treat your dog can enjoy while also staying healthy and happy at the same time. It is important to try to find a combination of both. That way, everyone wins and everyone is happy in the long run, especially your furry friend.

There is also Beneful Originals, which is another way to go as well. Dogs love beef and this provides nutritious ingredients as well. They get the best of both worlds. They will be wagging their tails and giving you big, beefy kisses after you feed them this product.

Finally, there is a product that helps your dog maintain a healthy weight. It is called Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food 3.5 lb. After all, dogs are just like us. They can struggle with their weight, and this helps them maintain that weight without losing any of the tasty goodness in the process. These are just a few of the products. Next time you go to your local pet store, ask for more! Check for additional information.

Shared Offices Space Isn’t A Recent Trend

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The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy


Now more than ever, the creation of the best on most innovative co-working spaces is on the rise. With examples of successful co-working spaces such as Google, business are now utilizing this model in order to increase the overall efficiency within work spaces. The conceptual idea of a co-work space is a great reminder of 15th century Italy during the age of the Renaissance. During this time, bottegas or workshops were common among artists which gave them a shared work space to create innovative artwork while remaining in friendly competition with one another. In 15th century Florence, artists in these Bottegas were committed to not only teaching new artists, but also towards nurturing talents, and creating new and innovative techniques.

The Renaissance, much like present day puts a high value on creation. Much like the 15th century, current bottegas are filled with engineers, artists, mathematicians, architects, and many other professions that have the same goal of creating some innovative that has never before been seen or created by anyone. The result of this hard work and competitive environment was entrepreneurship, innovative designs, as well as technologies that have never been invested prior to that moment. With the mixture of social and economic values, artists back then, much like in present day were able to create anything.


The best coworking space in NYC is Workville. Workville’s designs all consist of a 5-star vibe that combines sophistication, elegance, as well as a brand new vibe that has never before been seen. Workville creates optimized office spaces that all feature light and have an open feel in each one of the spaces. Everyone of the sun-drenched offices that Workville creates receives the best reviews as they create an efficient workplace that has every single employee excited to go to work everyday.


At Workville, people come to work everyday and work happily. Workville understands that employees must be rewarded for their efficiency and dedication which is why Workville has incorporated fast internet, cafes, private phones, cleaning services, printers, as well as terraces within the building. At Workville, employees are even just steps away from premier locations such as Bryant Park, Time Square, as well as major transportation lines such as the subway or the bus. Workers are encouraged to enjoy the atmosphere of New York City while they are working as happiness promotes a good work ethic.

Darius Fisher Reveals Secrets to Success

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Darius Fisher was the subject of a recent Small Business Forum’s Secrets of Success weekly interview series and Fisher certainly does embody the word success. The premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm, Status Labs, which Fisher is the co-founder and president of has a worldwide reach, serving more than 1500 clients in 35 countries. Status Labs has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo and provides services specializing in digital crisis management to athletes, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, politicians, and other high profile figures.


Prior to co-founding Status Labs, Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt with honors and worked as a political consultant and copywriter. He marks his permanent departure from copy-writing to pursue entrepreneurship full-time as one of the most pivotal points in his professional life. In 2015 he was listed among PRWeek’s Innovation 50, an annual list recognizing top rising stars of public relations and digital communications. He has also been featured in The Observer, The New York Times, Yahoo!, DuJour, Daily Beast, US News and World Report.


Fisher says that he had wanted to be a baseball player as a child and ultimately chose an entrepreneurial path so that he could work for himself and have the freedom to travel. When asked about advice and best practices, Fisher recommends that entrepreneurs “find the quickest line to money”, and “Focus on selling rather than on the other nonsense that doesn’t contribute to your growth.” Fittingly, he notes his favorite book as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and when asked about his favorite quote, answered “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

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