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Anyone living in the area of southern Wisconsin or Illinois who is seeking a high quality construction job should look no further than Aloha Construction. Aloha construction is one of the most high quality construction companies in the country. While they pride themselves on performing high quality jobs, they also help people in other ways. Founder of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, created his own charitable foundation. The program helps others by performing acts of kindness. One of the events that the Dave Farbaky foundation was involved with was a shopping spree. The event was designed for children in low income families who’s parents couldn’t afford to buy them gifts. The shopping spree was filled with toys that kids were allowed to go around and pick out for free. While this company is helping people in that manner, they are also working to provide very high quality construction jobs. Aloha Construction specializes in jobs pertaining to roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window jobs. Roofing is a very difficult task to accomplish alone. Roofing takes hours of effort and dedication. Workers at this company can do the job for you. They perform a thorough inspection to every roof prior to working on it. They will make sure that your roof is in tip top shape. The next specialty job of workers at this company is siding. Siding is a monotonous project similar to roofing. While it can be daunting to complete yourself, Aloha Construction workers can do a good job for you in a timely manner. A quality siding job will not only protect your home but also give it character. Gutter work is another specialty of workers at this company. Gutters are a very important aspect of your home. Without proper allignment, your home may be at risk for water build up and damage. Workers at this company will get the job done right. The final job that this company specializes in is door/window work. Whether you need your old one out or a new one in, Aloha Construction can help. Contact this company for a quality construction job.

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Glen Wakeman Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

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Glen Wakeman has an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires him to show others the keys to success in business. He started LaunchPad Holdings, LLC to give startups a well-defined plan for their businesses so success would lean toward inevitability, instead of just a possibility. LaunchPad Holdings developed a less complicated software platform for building business plans (


Glen Wakeman began LaunchPad with the full understanding that a good idea is not a business plan. There needed to be structured around the idea in order for it to sustain a growing business. His software made it more intuitive than stressful and time-consuming to take the idea and transform it into a working business plan.


The LaunchPad toolkit asks some essential questions of each user (ForexWizard). It begins with the starting points:

  1. What type of company will it be? Will it be a partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation or limited liability enterprise?
  2. What’s your value proposition, what value are you offering your customer? Start with your Minimum Viable Product and allow your customer to choose how to accentuate it with a selection of additions.
  3. Know the difference between your vision and your mission. Vision is where you’re going. Your mission is how you will get there and what you will accomplish along the way.
  4. Funding my venture: through family and friends, loans, credit cards or venture funding.
  5. When should people be hired?
  6. Protecting Intellectual property.
  7. Use of a website.
  8. Avoiding going bust.


Glen Wakeman realizes these are just the basics of starting a successful business. The LaunchPad Holdings Toolkit covers every part of a business startup including writing the business plan, setting up the company, financing your efforts, growing your business, the operations and hiring the talent.


Glen Wakeman and Rich Cano created LaunchPad Holdings after years of working in Fortune 10 companies. They have built companies and lead companies successfully for decades. Now they are channeling their energies into providing other would be entrepreneurs a chance at success, LaunchPad Holdings offers the startup access to proven business planning strategies, professional advisors, leaders and capital.


Mark Holterman, The Beloved Physician

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From a young age, Mark Holterman excelled in an academic setting. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Holterman was urged by one of his school teachers to apply to Yale for college. As unpredictable as it seemed, Mark ended up attending Yale as a biology major. He completed his undergraduate degree by the year 1980. After he received his bachelor’s degree in biology, Holterman attended the University of Virginia for medical school. While attending medical school, he had his goals set on becoming a pediatrician and a medical scientist. As it is known, Mark was able to achieve both of these accomplishments and became a medical scientist through the National Institutes of Health program.

As Holterman was following his path through medical school, he met a medical resident named Ai-Xuan (Strikingly). Ai-Xuan and Mark had a large influence on one another. His interest in pediatrics sparked an interest in Ai-Xuan. As well, Ai-Xuan’s interest in surgery made an impact on Mark’s outlook on his future profession. The two of them grew extremely close, and eventually got married. They then went on to have three children, Nathan, Alex and Isaac, all boys.

Once Dr. Mark Holterman completed medical school, he began his surgical residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. Once his residency was completed, as a family, they moved to Seattle, Washington and then Quebec, Canada. While in Seattle, Mark was able to complete his pediatric surgery fellowship at the University of Washington’s Hospital and Medical Center. While in Canada, he worked as a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.

Throughout his professional and personal journey, he was able to gain experience and develop an admirable status for himself (

As of today, he remains involved. He currently holds a seat at Miriam Global Health, an investment firm, as the CEO. He is also a pediatrics and surgery professor at the University of Illinois. He takes part in research at the University and was honored with a research award from the American Diabetes Association. As if that isn’t impressive enough, he is also still practicing medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.


OSI Industries, Food Processing Company

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OSI Industries, is a food processing company that produces items such as sausage or bacon has announced its acquisition of a former Tyson Foods plant in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. It was apparently purchased for nearly seven million four hundred thousand dollars according to Cook County records. When Tyson Foods said it was going to shut down the plant it said its four hundred and eighty jobs were to be lost. In steps OSI Industries, that apparently recruited many of the former employees so the could retain there jobs. Although there is no way of knowing how many of the jobs were retained as OSI Industries doesn’t reveal information about its products or customers. However, those that were are very happy OSI Industries stepped in. The plant will help the company grow manufacturing network. With the company owning sixty felicities in sixteen countries, the plant will make a definite impact in its networks ability to sevice its clients.

Another amazing acquisition by OSI Industries is Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe makes products such as frozen poultry and pies. In addition Flagship Europe has recently acquired Calder Foods, a producer of marinades, sauces and mayonnaise. It was a great buy for OSI Industries, It will further enhances its reach across Europe. It was also beneficial for Flagship Europe. Now they will have an enlarged client base and the resources of OSI Industries behind it. The products of Flagship Europe also compliment the processing strengths of OSI Industries. You could say this was a perfect mutually beneficial relationship.

There was more good news for OSI Industries lately with it gaining an amazing award. The Globe Of Hounor Award (for management of environmental risks) presented by the British Safety Council. This was a well fought and well deserved award. To receive this award you have to receive five stars from the British Safety Council. Then you have to under go an independent inspection by a panel of excerpts. It is a crazy process, however, OSI Industries commitment to the environment is very commendable. With an eye looking towards the future there is no limit on how far this company will go.

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Perry Mandera Success Story

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The founder of the custom companies, Perry Mandera’s experience in the transportation industry is over 30 years. Perry Mandera’s experience in the transportation has enabled him to change people’s lives in very many ways. Perry has worked closely with the Illinois State crime commission (ISCC) where he was awarded both the Bishop Sheil and the citizen of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 respectively ( The ISCC is a non-profit organization that works in collaboration with the police athletic league to promote initiatives aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency and crime while also promoting positive co-existence and interaction between the law enforcement officers and the public. According to the article titled “The ICSS’s law enforcement legislation and training initiatives”, the ISCC has hosted a number of seminars focusing gang problems facing the community of Chicago. The organization also offers training event management and security, hand combat, martial arts, and firearms.

About Perry Mandera

Mandera is described as an accomplished executive because of his initiatives in the transportation industry. For more than 30 years has engaged in the projects that improve the trucking industry standards. He worked with the U.S marine which provided him with the first experience as a driver, before starting his own business at the age of 23. He sold the business 5 years later before starting the Custom Companies, Inc., in Illinois. Perry Mandera had one objective in mind when starting the Custom Companies, to provide full transportation service to his clients. For the last two decades, Perry Mandera has provided excellent services to his customers making the company an industry leader.

Perry Mandera currently offers employment to over 350 employees from Los Angeles and Chicago. The personal approach adopted by the company is Mandera’s way of setting higher standards in his company. The company focuses on offering the best technology that ensures efficiency and accuracy in tracing, tracking, billing, and pricing. Perry Mandera engages in the philanthropic initiatives in both the local and national level. Some of the charity organizations that Perry Mandera support include AIDS research, special Olympic, and the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. When Katrina hit Mississippi, Perry Mandera sent over 40 truckloads of supplies, water, and food to help the victims (Chicago.CBSLocal).


Enjoy The Benefits Of Stream Energy

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You can enjoy the benefits of Stream as a renewable energy source from a trusted network. They have allowed their customers to take part in a sustainable energy source and continue to be the leaders in the network. Stream has been proudly established since 2004 and is operated by the former Chief Executive Officer and now, president, Larry Moury ( Their founders introduced the Stream network at a time when the Public Utility Commission was deregulating services in the Texas area. Enjoy the benefits of being a part of a network who were the first to answer to stabilized energy cost.


How Stream Energy Can Help


There were thousands of reasons for Stream customers to become a part of their network, but their incentives program was a major reason for giving back to the communities they serve. They have given away up to $1 million dollars as a part of their word-of-mouth program. They give their customer’s rewards deals for referring customers. Their associates take part in their program through their commission program by referring other associates and customers to the network. You’re asked to refer them to a trusted network and not for monetary value (WeeklyOpinion).


How Stream Energy Has Helped During Global Warming


Stream Energy understood the cost of rising utility costs because of the inclement weather. Texans were the hardest hit from the threat of global warming. Stream was able to step in and create green energy programs to allow their customers the opportunity to reduce their energy cost. They have experienced record temperatures over 100 degrees for 70+ days. Stream Energy has been successful in their initiatives against increased and decreased temperatures during global warming. You’re invited to become a part of the trusted Stream Energy network by visiting their website today.

More about Stream Energy at Renewable Energy World

Jorge Moll Proves Alturism Is Not What We Once Thought

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If you’ve ever wondered what truly drives Altruism, neuroscientist Jorge Moll has what you seek. Altruism displays selfless concern for the well being of others. Along with Jordan Grafman, Moll scanned the brains of volunteers to see if Altruism was more than just superior morals (Facebook). What they discovered at the National Institutes of Health was truly remarkable.


Volunteers were asked to choose scenarios where they’d donate to others or keep the money to themselves. When volunteers demonstrated care for others, a primitive section of the brain would light up. This is the same response the human brain gives to food or sex ( The experiment suggests that Altruism is pleasurable to the brain and is hard-wired.


Further research had shown that morality has biological roots. Empathy is being recognized as the foundation of morality. While humans can’t get inside the heads of animals to truly experience what they do, we do know that animals can drop their own interests for others. An example of this was shown during an experiment with lab rats. Each time one rat would pick up food to eat, the other rat would receive an electrical shock. Knowing this, the rat who had food eventually stopped eating so that the other’s suffering could stop.


Jorge Moll is the president-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He also serves as a member of the governing board. Moll studied neurology at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. He received his MD there. In 2003, Moll received his Ph.D. at Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paulo. Moll also serves as the head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. If not for the work of neuroscientists such as Jorge Moll, we would be left with poorly educated guesses rather than getting as close to the truth as possible within limits.


Expert Matt Badiali Offers Insightful Platinum Forecast

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Banyan Hill Publishing is a research firm that has a myriad of experts that help them to determine and advise on the latest trends in investment in order to help bring profits to those who read their publications or work with their professionals. They are one of the members of The Agora network of publications and companies that includes over 30 others with similar interests. Matt Badiali is one of their experts who leverages his past experience as a geologist and editor of the Real Wealth Strategist to help contribute to Banyan Hill and to lead others to profit.

One of his primary premises is that it is best to see in-person any investment opportunities, just as it can be best to get an up-close perspective of just about everything else in life in order to make the proper decisions. So, with his experience on the ground, he has given a prediction for the 2018 year that looks towards a forgotten metal to make a rise that has the chance to bring profit to many. That metal is platinum. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase

This would be quite a reversal in fortune since the price of platinum has continued to decline over the past 7 years since it began the downfall back in 2011. Earlier this month (December 2018) platinum hit the lowest price that has been seen in the last two years. So, why does the mining and energy expert Matt Badiali feel that there will be a chance to profit from platinum? It is because he is focused on the supply and demand figures, and taking some direction from the World Platinum Investment Council. That group estimates that there has been about a 15,000-ounce deficit as this year comes to a close, and that supply and demand gap is expected to increase further driving up prices. More info about Matt Badiali at

Badiali believes that people will begin to hold a different sentiment towards platinum which is a metal that is primarily used in diesel catalytic converters. Combine that with the fact that many of the mines are simply running low on metal with not many new ones on the horizon as opposed to metals like zinc and copper that can be replenished. He says that the low prices will likely spur demand further as will the betterment of the European economy that looks towards diesel in many areas, and so a rise in platinum prices even as high as 25% would not be unexpected.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Startup Is Changing How We Treat Cancer

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Lefkofsky is certainly a smart businessman with billions in wealth to prove it. Now, he has a biotech startup, Tempus, leading the way with better treatment for cancer patients and a more personalized approach. This startup is taking the Big Data techniques used in marketing and finance to give doctors a better understanding of cancer in each individual patient. The result is something much more effective than the traditionally “one size fits all” approach often used. By giving people customized solutions, doctors will be able to give cancer patients a much better outcome in the end. That’s exactly what Eric Lefkofsky has planned with this company.

Tempus begins its analysis by looking at the genetics and lifestyle of every patient. Everyone is different and there needs to be an approach to treating cancer that reflects this. Tempus has succeeded by giving people who previously haven’t had their specific cancer case closely examined the insight needed to provide good treatment. Essentially, it takes the work doctors normally have to do themselves and automates the process. That gives doctors the ability to spend more time on things that matter to the patient instead of trying to solve everyone with one single solution.

Eric Lefkofsky has already done so much in his life to help out those in need. His Lefkofsky Foundation has given funding to some of the most important causes around the world, but that isn’t enough for him. His desire to change the world around him is never ending and Tempus is only the latest example of that. Cancer isn’t an easy thing to treat or research. The use of tools well beyond human ability is necessary in order to improve the quality of care patients receive. This more personalized approach is becoming the norm in just about everything, so it only makes sense to apply it to this as well. The treatment of complex and serious diseases is going to be one of the most important points of interest for medicine in our age, but the exact way that happens is going to happen on a case by case basis.


SahmAndrangi – A Brilliant Stock Analyst On The Move

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SahmAdrangi is an individual to follow. He is the CIO and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. What makes Andrangi additionally impressive is his young age. He founded his company in 2009, and launched it will $1 million dollars from funds borrowed, saved, and inherited. Today, his company is valued at $150 million.

His company is best known for its expertise publishing advice and short selling. His firm offers a great deal of timely advice on overhyped shorts, and under-followed long stocks. These are quite often misunderstood by the market. This is the niche he and his firm have carved out. As such, he offers valuable service.

He first made a name for himself by showing an ability to expose Chinese companies dealing in fraudulent practices. This was an impressive feat, because it also landed him a great deal of money in the process. It also benefits the industry to police itself. Those fraudulent companies became subject to actions imposed by the SEC. In recent year, Kerridale Capital Management has widened its interests to include the biotechnology and mining sectors.

The firm has developed a great deal of expertise in these areas. His company has keyed in on questionable market valuations and mining prospects. His research also includes other companies that mine natural resources. His company also reports extensively on telecommunications companies. SahmAdrangi is capable, and revered in the industry.

Careers like that of SahmAdrangi simply do not materialize out of thin air. His career began in credit, where he was involved with high-yield and leveraged debt financing. He also has exceptional experience advising creditor committees in helping construct out-of-court settlements.

SahmAdrangi gained this experience at Chanin Capital Partners. Adrangi is a man to watch. He and his company are bound to continue to make an impact in the world of stock investing. He may even inspire a new crop of savvy young analysts to follow in his footsteps.

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