Madison Street Capital COO Recognized by Top Industry Organization

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The simple fact of the matter is that businesses in this country require capital to get moving in the right direction. There are also those times when companies acquire other companies or decide to merge. These kinds of situations tend to run more smoothly when an experienced mergers and acquisition firm is involved in the scenario. For years now, Madison Street Capital has been providing these types of important services and guidance for their clients.

Article Outlines Recognition Bestowed Upon Madison Street Capital COO

A recent article on the Chicago Tribune website detailed how Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operation Officer was recently recognized for its superior performance in the industry. The COO of this firm is Anthony Marsala. He was recently recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts as part of the organization’s 2015 40 Under Forty Recognition Program. This recognition was given is quite an honor for Mr. Marsala, as there were only a handful of people chosen from a pool of more than 125 accomplished business people.

According to the Chicago Tribune article, Marsala, in addition to being the COO of Madison Street Capital, also happens to be one of the co-founders of the firm. His leadership has helped the company to enjoy success in the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is in charge of the team of analysts that performs all of the business valuation for some of the company’s most important clients.

Making Business Growth and Mergers More Manageable

As businesses, brands and technology break out from the pack and manage to become profitable, the chances for more mergers and acquisitions tend to increase. It is important to business owners, employees and the economy for these types of deals to be successful. With a leading firm, like Madison Street Capital working behind the scenes to make these types of deals successful, this firm’s current and future clients can be confident that they are getting the very best guidance and assistance currently available.

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Doe Deere and Doll Maker Makes Headlines for Print

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Doe Deere, founder of LimeCrime, posted a picture of her and her identical doll on Instagram. Her unique beauty caught the attention of artist Richard Prince, who printed off her image, deleted the name of the doll maker, and created a print that sold for 90,000 dollars. Despite Joshua David McKenney’s name being deleted, this print put McKenney in the limelight.

McKenney, the Brooklyn-based doll maker, has a cult following, including Grace Jones, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Dita Von Teese. He is not upset about the lack of credit, because it still helped to increase his exposure. He makes his Pidgin dolls to express his desire of magic and fantasy. Pidgin is an interesting name for a doll, because it is a language used to communicate between two people who don’t speak the same language. He feels the Pidgin doll communicates between people and shows the different sides of people. Doe Deere reposted the image on Instagram with the corrected caption.

Doe Deere founded LimeCrime in 2007 as an Ebay store. She loved playing with colors and inventing new looks. Even though, her fans would never know it, she claims her early experiments with make up didn’t turn out well. She seems to have figured out which rules to break with her brightly colored hues and deep dark palettes. Deere doesn’t stick to conventional fashion, which is why she is considered the leader of the unicorns. Her fans are unicorns, because they are unique and born to be themselves.

Doe Deere is a innovative leader in the fashion and beauty industry. She loves to walk to the beat of her own drum and dress the way she desires to dress. Her make up reflects her lively attitude. She constantly changes her hair from bright blue to dark red, and she lets her make up reflect who she is. Recently, she appeared in an article where she discusses which rules to break. Mixing patterns, palettes, and other rules that she feels can be done, as long as, they are intentionally broken. For example, her hair color is anything but ordinary, so she mixes light blue hair with deep, dark red. She advises her unicorns to make sure when you mix palettes or patterns that they compliment.


An SEC Whistleblower Attorney People Can Count On

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At certain times in life, people may face the need for legal counsel of some kind. This is quite common in many areas of life. It can even be true for a workplace related issue. An employee may need to speak out about a potential problems they have seen while working in a given field. They might note that funds were misused or data was falsified in some way. In doing so, they will need to let others know that this is a problem for them. However, it can be highly dangerous to point out a problem with a given work space. The person doing the speaking out may anger their employers and anger those they work with.

Workplace Protections

Workplace protections today are fully designed to offer help in the event that the employee notices a problem of some kind. Such protections are in place so that those who speak out do not suffer from their choice to let the world know that something is amiss in their company. An employee may be vaguely aware of this protection. But they may not know the exact law that applies in their specific circumstances. In that case, it can be very helpful to consult with legal counsel where the legal counsel can offer they help with their situation at work. The right legal counsel can be just the ticket to help them protect their personal interests.

An SEC Whistleblower Firm

This is why those at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow have been so happy to start an entirely new program designed just for people who need help when they are speaking out. Firm members have seen new regulations that have been enacted and have come to realize that they can be of help for those who need this kind of help. They have rushed to fill what they feel is a true need for help for whistleblowers.

Important Help

Those at Labaton Sucharow can offer skilled help that is vital for anyone who may be confronting a potentially serious problem at work. They have specifically studied the law that applies to such cases in great deal in order to provide true help with any legal issues that may arise in the aftermath of the decision to speak out. The lawyers here will do everything possible to provide expert legal advice during the entire process and often difficult process of whistleblowing.

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Securus Technologies: Standing up for what is Right

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The desire to stay connected to the ones you love is a need that grows ever stronger each day a person is incarcerated. Finding their world now confined to brick and mortar walls has a way of demoralizing and stigmatism an interned individual, causing a real hurdle for rehabilitation. Inmates are just like any other person; they make mistakes that have long-lasting consequences, and just like everybody else they deserve to be given a second chance to start again. The interned deserve the right to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in, and the little things like being able to communicate to the outside world can make all the difference.
Companies like Securus Technologies- headquartered in Dallas, Texas– pride themselves in having the privilege to provide telecommunications services like telephony and video conference capabilities to the correctional institutions they work for across the nation. These amenities allow inmates to not only catch up with friends and family who they might not otherwise get to see or hear from due to travel difficulties or expenses, but palaver frequently with their legal representatives on matters pertaining to their case or parole; things that are quite time-sensitive and must be managed accordingly.
Securus Technologies is a company who holds itself to a high level of conduct like no one else. When there is any wrongdoing in the industry, Securus Tecnologies will see to it that the facts come to light in glaring fashion. Global Tel*Link (GTL) is a company that does not share the same values as Securus Tecnologies, and has in fact committed many egregious acts. GTL has overcharged their customers by billing them for long PDDs and Dead Air, charged ridiculously high call rates than those permitted by the Public Service Commission, and even falsifying charges on certain calls made after they had ended.
It is the hope of Securus Tecnologies that as these facts are presented legal action takes place and the government overseers make sure that these types of fraudulent acts are not committed again.

Kyle Bass Predicts Light Collapse

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Economies are tenuous today, and part of the reason for that is borrowing without means of remuneration. In America, the sub-prime lending crisis hit because loans were made to individuals who had no way of paying them back. This defrayed the “other shoe dropping”, as it were; but it didn’t prevent that sneaker from falling down. When it finally did, America underwent The Great Recession of 2008. Kyle Bass, Argentinian hedge fund manager (though based in Texas), has predicted China’s lending practices will result in a similar collapse that will spell economic recession in America by the end of 2016. He doesn’t think it will be a recession quite as big as the one experienced in 2008, but he does believe it will be significant. That said, Bass also endorses Hillary Clinton for president on grounds that she’s the “most sane” player of the bunch. So can his word as an economist really be trusted?

Consider Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is a socialist, and has been the president of Argentina for several years. She has defaulted the country twice in the span of just thirteen years, and Bass is always sure to support her in anything she does; almost as though he is her stooge. When one considers that Bass also supports Clinton, who is a globalist, the picture begins to become clear. The reason Bass targets big-ticket economic powers, working to profit from their losses, is because without their collapse a worldwide government with a single economy can’t be achieved. The socialist push is this direction, and Bass is working with all his might to see that push come through to fruition.

Another target of Bass are big-ticket pharmaceuticals. Bass uses his pseudo-humanitarian group CAD to undercut prices such companies can sell their pharmaceuticals for. This in turn drops the stock value of the companies in question, and Bass short-sells whatever holdings he had with them, making millions. To abbreviate: Bass legally manipulates the stock market for his own purposes. If he’ll exploit pharmaceutical companies such that future advancements are curtailed by a lack of progressive research and development funding from lowered stock-value, in essence exploiting them for personal gain, why wouldn’t he do the same regarding China?

IAP – Global Logistics Solutions Provider

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IAP is a global logistics solution provider for government and businesses alike. The company’s name is an acronym for “Ingenuity and Purpose”. They often operate on a contract basis to move items from one location to the other. IAP Worldwide is designed to provide its services in a reasonable manner within a specified amount of time. The company has also dedicated itself to being a responsible corporate citizen as a military contractor. They are committed to the environment, veterans, and the community. Thus, IAP seeks to be an upstanding corporate citizen in all of it’s missions.

As a government contractor, the company provides contract vehicles and logistic services to the military. The company is in the unique position of being able to do this as it has a worldwide footprint. This is a footprint which has expanded as a result of a recent acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies Inc, a company which provides aircraft services, logistics services, and mission support. IAP Worldwide is going to integrate the two business units into it’s core business unit in order to more efficiently execute it’s missions abroad.

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IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

The company has a history of leadership and excellence in everything which it does. IAP began as Pan Am Air Services, which serviced the space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, FL. Johnson Controls acquired Pan Am Air Services, and formed Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. IAP was then founded in South Carolina to provide generators to the US Army in Saudi Arabia in 2004 and expanded to emerging markets. IAP then went on to acquire Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, and has been restructured under new ownership in 2014. The company has since seen a very rapid transformation and began exploring new markets and opportunities for the company to do business worldwide. The company has also been a pioneer in providing services to the US Navy in the form of it’s Seaport-e software package. This software package has enabled the Navy to provide support services to it’s fleet in a timely manner.

IAP has many great career opportunities around the world for capable individuals. The careers with the company range from Carpenter to Logistics Manager. Many of the career options are at embassies, and many are on military bases overseas. Some jobs do require security clearances for those individuals whom are eligible. 

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Andy Wirth Talks To KCRW Radio

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I heard Andy Wirth on KCRW Radio doing an interview with Press Play with Madeleine Brand, and it was a very interesting interview about how he wants to make sure that incorporation in the Olympic Valley does not cause problems for the community.

He wants to make sure that the whole community is cared for a lot better, but he has no idea how that will work without some help from the rest of the people in the area.

He explained how he can make a change to the way the discourse is happening, and he talked about the weather in the area over the past couple years. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

The drought that has been going on in California this whole time is something that people do not have a solid answer for, but it is something that they need to help with.

The drought has made it hard for the people of the area to have snow falling, and the ski lodges that Andy Wirth owns are all served by the snow that manages to fall in the area. The snow has been coming back, but the drought has still become a problem for the people in the area.

Everyone who wants to pitch in like Andy Wirth can take his advice when he talks about the drought. He wants to make sure that all the people in the Olympic Valley are going to have a say in how they manage their community, and he is sure that it will be much easier for the community to recover. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

They might need to incorporate, but they also need to get involved in green initiatives that are happening in the state. Making the state green is a very good step for everyone, and Andy Wirth wants to have the community come together to agree on what they should do.

Everyone who follows the lead of Andy Wirth will be able to help with the drought, and they can change their future while getting more snow to fall.

The Ever Creative, Innovative Doe Deere of Lime Crime

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A strong woman with a passion is a powerful thing, and in Doe Deere’s case, this passion became the starting point for her unique and wildly successful make up line. Creator and founder of the Lime Crime cosmetics brand, Deere embraced her colorful personality and decided to offer like-minded people the opportunity to do the same.

Deere’s career as a successful business owner originated in 2004 when she opened an online shop dedicated to her fashion interests. Since her look involved vivid colors that were decidedly difficult to come by at the time, Deere worked to develop her own cosmetics to complement her style. A few years after, her beauty products had become so successful that she was able to launch her very own make up line, which she dubbed Lime Crime as a nod to her former strictly digital shop.

When asked how she perceived the successfulness of her business, Deere states that she understands true success to be a combination of customer pride in her products and an unwavering dedication to her founding values. Much of Deere’s following are enticed by the fact that her products are in fact like nothing else on the market; she introduced an entire new facet in the make up industry with her liquid-to-matte lipsticks, and she helped the public focus on the importance of cruelty free products. Her entire line was verified to be completely free of animal testing by the certifier Leaping Bunny.

After a security breach that resulted in the loss of customer information a few years ago, the Lime Crime brand was shaken alongside the trust of their consumers. Deere marks this time as the hardest she’s endured in her business’s lifespan thus far. She emphasizes the idea that she takes the blame for what happened, though there was very little she or the company could have really done to prevent it. Deere describes the great lengths she and her team at Lime Crime went to to rebuild the relationship she had so long been working on with her customers, and has managed to find the slightly brighter side of the situation by deeming it a learning experience of sorts.

Despite the struggles she’s faced in her now more than 10 year career in the beauty industry, Doe Deere remains one of the most influential and hardworking women in the country. She expresses her gratitude and immense pride that she is able to now work alongside a people like Kimberley Gordon, creator of highly acclaimed Wildfox Couture and role model of Deere, while bringing her individualism and originality to the world around her.

Chaz by Wen Gets 7-Day Test Run

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Wen hair is a full line of hair cleaning and styling products. If you read the reviews, most women swear by the products and believe they are the best thing since sliced bread.
But not all ladies are ready to believe the hype. Buzzle Health and Beauty Editor Emily McClure decided to give the products a 7-day whirl to see if they are really as good as advertised.

Emily chose the sephora fig cleanser for her hair, which she describes as oil and flat. The cleanser calls for quite a bit of product — 14-16 pumps. After the first day, Emily says she saw some results. Her hair was less oily, had more shine and was much more manageable. However, she did find that missing one day of treatment caused her hair to quickly revert back to its old state. After returning to the routine, her hair regained shine and volume. One drawback: the product did make her a bit more oily.

Emily’s overall verdict: the products are really good if you stick with a routine. If you’re lazy and not willing to use the products as directed, it shouldn’t be your go-to product.

Wen hair was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Cher, Madonna and Gloria Estafan. Chaz introduced his products to deliver beautiful hair without all the fuss. His 5-in-1 products replace shampoo, condition, detangler and even leave-in conditioner. The products are all natural and leave your hair and scalp clean and healthy.

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Duda Melzer Brings A Global Vision To Brazil’s RBS Group

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The media industry is one that can be described as truly global in the 21st century as ideas and programming now transcend the globe as new forms of media and streaming options provide viewers with more options than ever before. Brazil’s RBS Group has recently looked to the future with the appointment of a new President, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known by his nickname of Duda. The movement towards a new form of media transmission has seen the respected RBS Group look to find a new way of reaching viewers through the use of new media that has opened up new areas of success for the company.

Melzer is a member of the successful Sirotsky family, who have been in control of the RBS Group since it was estabklished in 1957 by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky. The company has grown to include 18 TV affiliates and a number of other media outlets, but are now looking to move into the latest media areas that are opening up in non traditional areas of the industry.

In appointing Duda Melzer as the new president of the RBS Group the company is opening up new areas of success for the future, which includes the chance to explore non traditional media options that Melzer is something of an expert in. Duda Melzer spent a period of his working life exploring new media options in the U.S. in leadership positions at a range of media outlets, which he feels has given him the chance to expand the options available to RBS as he leads the company into what should be a successful future.


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