Financial Development on a Global Scale

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The recent years have experienced significant changes especially economic development globally. With the financial systems becoming more diverse and sophisticated, more advanced changes are important. Wealth is not only built through employment but also art, music, medical systems, and the community as a whole. All these areas are vital areas of interest to David Osio. He believes in the empowerment of the society through supporting art, cultures, skills, and financial abilities. David Osio believes that every society member can make a difference not only financially but also socially. For this reason, he has always had the passion for supporting various activities through non-profitable organizations.

The ambitions of extending his charitable efforts to a myriad of activities have witnessed a great success. Most recently David Osio was able to enlarge his support on a global scale. He is determined to reach out to various places not only in Miami or America but also across the globe. Through his international financial group, Davos Financial Group, various self-governing companies have developed. One of these self-sustaining companies includes Davos Real Estate Group [REG]. The main objective of this company is to come up with investment approaches that are affordable, suitable and satisfactory to all customers. Recently, REG Company developed a real estate mobile application. The main aim of this app is to aid mortgage calculation, the location of properties, and help in the computation of the possible gains in real estate investment. This application is just one of the many inventions that REG aims at achieving in the easement of the identification of properties through a mobile device.

David osio has traveled a long journey in his dream that one day the less providential can also make a difference. In 1988, he graduated in the school of law with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His early career as a lawyer in Venezuela landed him the opportunity of meeting with global clients including Consolidated Bank. He worked both as the director and the legal advisor. David Osio was able to advance his knowledge by undertaking two-year specialization training at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas. He was able to add up a great collection and experience by studying Management Investment portfolios at the Institute of Finance, New York in 2010.

As the founder and director of Davos Finacial Group, David Osio has led the organization in achieving greater heights. Through his great leadership skills and experience, the group has increased the income level and also improved the charitable growth. David Osio collaborates and supports various organizations including MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation. His great contributions in improving financial services for the enhancement of the community are appreciated globally through various international awards.

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Wengie Life Hacks

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In this video Wengie goes over different life hacks for “lazy” people or those who are tired or fatigued. She does the hacks based on different lazy meters that people may have.



Hunger Life Hack

Wengie shows herself being hungry. She is too lazy to get food from the fridge and even too lazy to order in food on her phone. She decides to create one minute microwave recipes. These recipes are lentil pizza in a mug and a chocolote mug cake. Both of these recipes require minimal and basic ingredients and cook easily in the microwave.


Clothes Iron Hack

This next hack is for those who “can’t be bothered” to iron their clothes. If you are already ironing your hair then you can simply take the flat iron and run it along your clothes for the same unwrinkled touch that an iron gives you. It is important to make sure to try this with delicate clothes because your clothes may be ruined.


Oven Hack

If you are too lazy to get up and check your food while it is cooking in the oven, Wengie suggests that you put the oven on Facetime. You can tape your phone to the oven and put the camera side to facing the door. Wengie suggests leaving this on your screen while you are watching Netflix and having a nice time relaxing.


Remote Hack

This hack was created for those who always use lose their phone. There are certain apps that let you use your phone as a universale remote. This makes it easier to be able to always watch your favorite television shows.


Dish Hack

If you are tired of washing dishes this hack is for you. You can use clingwrap on the bottom of a plate and then just throw the wrap away when you are finished with the meal. This leaves virtually no clean up for you!

Global Attorney Rebuts New Zealand Claims

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Geoffrey Cone is a globally recognized and global-focused attorney. He has worked with people around the world to make sure that they are getting what they want when they move from a different country. He wants to make sure that they are able to go through the expat process smoothly and with expectations that are reasonable. He wants all of his clients to understand that moving to different countries are different depending on the different things that the people need. He also makes sure that they are not expecting too much out of the country that they go to.

When someone makes the decision to move to a different country, there are many steps that they must take. The people who move to a different country must know what they are getting themselves into and must know the specifics that come from being a part of a different country and being an expat. They must also know the different rules, laws and regulations that come with living in the country and even some of the ways in which they can become citizens in the country that they have chosen. Being an expat is not easy.

Geoffrey Cone always sees people who want to move to different countries because of tax reasons. This is one of the biggest reasons that people leave the country that they currently live in and one of the ways that makes it harder for people to understand where they are going to live. Lower taxes is one of the biggest benefits of living in other countries and something that draws many people to different countries on a yearly basis. Lower taxes always look promising and like something that people could deal with if they were to move to a different country than the one that they are in.

Some people have chosen to move to New Zealand because of the benefits of the taxes in the country. They have been told that they will not have to pay as much in taxes in New Zealand as they would in other countries. Some people believe that they do not have to pay any taxes in the country but this is not the case. There are many taxes in New Zealand and people quickly become disappointed after they have moved to the country for the sole purpose of escaping the crushing weight of being taxed.

Geoffrey Cone thinks that some people believe there are no taxes in New Zealand because of recent news articles that were published on the country. These articles misinformed people about the taxes of the country and this could be due to the fact that laws recently changed in the country. Many reporters thought that there were different things about the taxes and that there were actually no taxes in the country. This led to more people going to the country and even more people moving to the country because they thought that they would not have to pay taxes if they lived in New Zealand.

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DSP works to Fund UnCommon Schools Testing

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Keith Mann, founder of Dynamic Search Partners, held a fundraiser for Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Financial services leaders came together to raise over 22,000 dollars for the private school. This fundraising will help to sponsor the PSAT and SAT testing for the next school year. Uncommon Schools has the goal of bridging the gap and helping low achieving schools prepare low-income students to go through college.

The newest addition to Uncommon Schools will be this fall where they open a high school in Brooklyn. Dynamic Search Partners has been working with this organization since 2013. The goal of their relationship is to create a relationship to assist students in learning tactical and practical skills necessary for the work place. Dynamic Search Partners is excited to work with students in helping them prepare to go through college. Keith Mann wants to position them for success in college and beyond, ensuring their success in securing top internships and careers.

Keith Mann knows about talent in the business field. He has been working in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He is an expert in hiring professionals for hedgefund, knowing about compensation, staffing, and hiring. He is the founder and CEO of DSP and he prides himself on building deep relationships with his clients to match the employees with the potential employers. He also has experience in hiring investment, marketing, and strategy professionals for his multitude of clients. DSP works to ensure the top talent matches with the right employer.

Tips for Making Party Planning Fun

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In this article on Cool Mom Picks, they give tricks on how to make party planning easy. The first tip is to enlist a co-host. You can save money and share responsibilities to make it easier. Next, they suggest using a planning app to keep track of your to-do list from months in advance up to party time. It helps organize your tasks by deadline and even leave yourself notes on each one.

Their third tip is to use digital invitations instead of paper. Many guest prefer it because we use our devices so often, plus it is cheaper, better for the environment, and easier to track RSVPs. Fourth, they suggest getting kids involved in party set-up. They can put away toys, color welcome signs for guests, help with cleaning, or make a party playlist, depending on their ages. Fifth, they suggest streaming music for a non-stop, effortless playlist. Their next tip is to crate or ask a neighbor to babysit your pet to avoid misbehavior.

Next, they suggest getting party groceries and supplies delivered to save time and effort. Their next tip is to make buffets or food bars to keep it easy on you and fun and full of variety for guests. Also label each food to help guest with allergies discreetly choose what they can eat. The next trick is to spend less time on dessert by serving a bakery pie or sundae bar. Next, they suggest holding off clean-up until after guests depart. Finally, have lots of toys and crafts on hand for young guests.

If you still can’t stomach the idea of planning a party on your own, contact Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is a one-stop event planning company in New York City. They cover every aspect of your event, including photography, decor, entertainment, printing, flowers, catering, and more. They only work with the hippest, most up-and-coming vendors in New York to ensure that your event is unforgettable. Whether you want a whimsical children’s birthday party, a glitzy fundraiser, or an intimate bridal shower, Twenty Three Layers does all the work so all you need to do is enjoy your party!

Join Thousand Of Customers That Are Secure With Securus Technologies

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Join thousands of customers that have enjoyed peace of mind with their inmate calling features with Securus Technologies. They have acquired an acquisition with two of the largest industry giants in the network. Securus has utilized many features that have come from their partner companies. You can save time and commuting to an authorized agent. You don’t have to live in another state and be disconnected from the ones you love in an institution. There are thousands of people that rely on having the benefit of Securus. PRN Newswire reported free calls in Louisiana in a recent article on correctional calling.


Vimeo was proud to join Securus Technologies and offer premium services to Securus customers. JPay has joined in on the privilege of extending quality service by eliminating traveling cost and reduced rate features. Securus has been proudly serving the nation for over 30 years. You have access to one of the leading government regulating inmate calling networks from home. Stay connected with your loved ones the way that you expect from a calling network. Every minute that you were guaranteed you will get with Securus. Join thousands of others and get in the network that saves you money.


Available Features

Visitation On The Net


You can stop traveling to a facility and visit your loved ones over the internet. Vimeo is proud to partner with Securus and bring you video chatting. Save the gas and time of a lengthy commute to a correctional facility.

Advanced Pay


Advanced Pay works as a great prepaid inmate calling feature. You no longer have to use an operator because your balance allows you to instantly connect. If you have a valid debit or credit card use it securely over the premium Securus Technologies inmate calling network provider.



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FreedomPop was established by chief executive officer Stephen Sesar and Stephen Stokols in 2011. The company is based in California. FreedomPop provides cell phone and wireless internet service. The services include free data and text and also voice services. Other services provided include selling mobile and tablets as well as broadband devices for use with their facilities. The business uses the Sprint net. The free cell phone service offers include unlimited texting and voice calls and also 500 megabits of 4 gigabits data. The services provided by the firm are accessible only in particular areas. A person can visit the company’s website to find whether the FreedomPop’s cell phone facilities and hot-spot devices are accessible in their area.

The free cellular service given by FreedomPop target the light users who do not use the internet frequently. A customer can use 500MB only to check email and browse Facebook or other websites that do not require a lot of data. The company has a solution for clients who use the internet more frequently or heavy users. With a 10GB data users can easy use video sites like youtube. FreedomPop services come with a low price. It is accessible to everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 and also S2 as well as iPhone 5 and HTC EVO 4G are among the LTE cell phone the company is providing with their services. All the LTE cell phones accompany the free mobile broadband facility package. The service not only comes with 500 megabyte of monthly data and 200 voice calls but also 500 free texts.

FreedomPop has introduces another exciting Android application called FreedomPop Free Voice and Text. The application enables Android phone users sign up for and access the company’s free text and voice facilities to send texts and make calls as well as use voicemail services. The customer can also be able to request a new cell phone number by the application called over-the-top communications.

Many users acknowledged the company’s services from a recent FreedomPop review. The advantages of the services offered are that one can share data allocations with other users as well as friends and colleagues. The 500MB free tier gives users an extra data. One only pays the fee for router and modem once and get free data on a monthly basis. Once an individual has the mobile hotspot they can access the monthly half-gigabyte. The firm does not need any agreements from the customer and also the user does not pay the cancellation fee. Customers agreed that they could recommend FreedomPop.


IAP Worldwide’s Commitment

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One of the words that best defines the company IAP Worldwide is commitment. IAP Worldwide is a leader in the landscape of logistics on a global level, as well as military base and facility management. It is also skilled in proving technical services across a broad range of industries. IAP Worldwide has over 2000 employees who are active across the world in over 25 countries because it is a truly global company. It helps its clients to handle problems in both the corporate, military, and public sectors. No matter how difficult the problem may seem IAP Worldwide has a solution.

The word commitment is one of the strongest words in IAP’s vocabulary. It defines commitment to how it treats its customers, veterans, the environment, and local communities. Each person that it interacts with becomes a part of IAP’s unique story and helps it to grow. IAP Worldwide Services prides itself in being sharp minded enough to invent solutions to the most challenging scenarios. It looks for people with a record of military service to join its team because those people know how to solve challenges under the most difficult circumstances. A full 30% of IAP Worldwide’s staff is made up of veterans. Those who have seen combat can think quickly and also tend to have fine leadership qualities that are needed for IAP to operate on the global scale. Members of all branches of the armed forces may find a good position for themselves at IAP after they retire from service because it is a company that is devoted to veterans.

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IAP cares deeply about the ecological impact of its activities. That is why it makes a commitment to the environment. A company as prominent as IAP Worldwide Services must use its power wisely. IAP makes sure that all of its buildings are LEED-certified in order to efficiently use all resources and to conserve whatever it can.

IAP is committed to the communities it operates in and the world as a global community. It tries to give back in numerous ways. IAP has partnered with United Way of Brevard to help feed families who are in need. Recently, IAP helped to raise $45,000 in an annual fundraising campaign and also donated 4500 canned good. IAP staff also took time out of their busy classes to help improve literacy in 3rd grade classrooms. IAP also has local volunteers who plant marsh grass and replace shorelines in communities that have been damaged by natural disasters.

Wen By Chaz Is A Great Hair Care Option

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Wen hair by Chaz is a great hair care option that works for all women because it can tame their hair when they have no other options. There are many reasons to use this shampoo, and the most important part is to be sure that someone is using it often so that they can take care of their hair. Their hair will start to grow thicker and stronger, and they will enjoy the way it feels because it is now something that helps everyone.
The hair care that people go for is the kind that needs to treat their hair so that it will be softer and much easier to deal with. There are a lot of things that people get out of the Wen hair by Chaz shampoo, and it is important that someone uses it enough to keep seeing their results. They need to use it enough to see their hair start to grow thicker, and they need to use it so that their hair will be shinier. There are a lot of people who will save money on Wen by Chaz because of the way that it is supposed to be used, and that is a lot simpler for everyone than just trying to use a basic shampoo and hoping for the best.

Everyone who has been hoping for the best shampoo can use Wen by Chaz because it really does work. It is a very basic and simple way to get people the results that they want, and it also helps their hair smell good. They can use it with confidence all the time, and they can be sure that they have chosen to use it in the way the bottle says. That helps them get their hair to cooperate when they have had problems in the past. Be updated! Follow Wen hair on Twitter. Like the page:


New York Shared Office Space Accommodates For The Rise Of Nomadic Workers

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Co-working spaces are becoming very popular. However, the reasons behind this may not be what people think it is. While the traditional workplace is filled with tons of issues, the one thing that brought many people to the co-working space is that they were unable to land a job. As a result, people have begun to seek other ways to gain income. This has resulted in a growth of freelance workers and contractors. Many people are learning how to create jobs for themselves and possibly others. However, there is a need for a space where these freelancers could actually work.

Recently, there has been a ton of co-working spaces that have sprung up. Among the co-working spaces is Workville Manhattan offices for rent This is one of the spaces that nomadic workers are encouraged to visit so that they can enjoy some of the benefits. They will find that not only do they have a space where they could do the work needed to get their business going, but they also have people to talk to. They could connect with each other deeply. Therefore, they will find that the inability to land a traditional job was one of the best things that happened to them.

One thing that is being predicted about the changing workforce is that nomadic workers such as freelancers are going to be the rule as opposed to the exception. One thing that people will find that it is going to be nearly impossible to go back to the traditional workforce when they have seen all of the benefits that come with co-working spaces. Funny thing, it is at this time when some might try to talk them back to a regular job. However, people often find themselves making more money than any other job they have held.

One of the major benefits of co-working spaces is that they allow people to use their creativity in ways that get them engaged. People are more likely to work passionately towards their goals. Also, co-working spaces are home to people who are goal oriented as well as collaborative. As a result, they are more likely to thrive in these environments.

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