Learning Investing Tips From VTA Publications

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For some people, the stock market might seem like a field relegated to only the experts in business networks. It’s true it can be daunting if you’re not sure what you’re doing with your investments, but one company is changing this. The company is VTA Publications, based in the United Kingdom and founded by Jim Hunt. This company publishes material on stock trading and alternative investments that most banks and government institutions don’t want to be made public.

Stock charts are simplified in one course that shows the readers how to use them, and gives them the basics on making trades. Users are also given information about retirement and what the bible has to say. Many speakers from around the world come to VTA’s business seminars and share their experiences with investing and wealth management, and they’re available on DVD recordings along with the other materials that can be ordered at www.vtapublications.co.uk.


VTA Publications is owned by Jim Hunt, an investment expert who’s created his own method for investing and trading. Hunt has gleaned a lot of information from his time working at a bank, and from information he has subscribed to over the years. He produces a lot of YouTube videos by which he walks his audience through stock charts and explains the numbers associated with them. He claims his secrets can help the little guy beat the big banks.


Among the programs he’s started are “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is a project that shows how money is transferred during a bear market, and how you can gain a profit by making two phone calls before the bear market hits. “Making Mum a Millionaire” shows how you can turn 1,000 pounds in one million using just 10 trades and become a tax-free millionaire when all is said and done.

Children Benefit From Capitol Anesthesiology Charitable Efforts

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One of the signs of a great medical organization is its willingness to share expertise with communities that do not have economic resources to seek medical care. One of the most widespread needs for charitable medical help exists in children’s medicine.


Throughout the third world and developing regions, many children are born with life-threatening cleft palette and lip deformities. With simple surgeries that are often taken for granted, these children can obtain treatment that ensures a more productive life and personal outlook.


Capitol Anesthesiology is actively involved in providing care to displaced, underprivileged, and economically disadvantaged children and adolescents. Their practitioners are members of Operation Smile, an international charity which brings together needy children and western medical professionals. Operation Smile has assisted children in over 60 countries, and funded nearly a quarter of a million vital operations. Capitol Anesthesiology dedicates materials and professional resources each year toward this charitable organization’s goals.

A Review of the Brazilian employment Law

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Brazil has one of the most refined employment laws across the globe. With a workforce of over twenty million, there was need to enact laws that would serve the interests of employees, employers, and the country at large. These laws pertain to the remuneration of employees, employing foreign nationals, employment quotas, use of agency employees, redundancy, and so on.


Demystifying the Law

The Brazilian employment law is clear as far as employing foreign nationals is concerned. Organizations that have more than three foreign nationals ought to ensure that over two-thirds of their staff body is Brazilian. Generally, foreign nationals must have visas for them to work in the country. Employers who have more than 100 staff must employ a stipulated number of employees who have disabilities. There is also a provision for individuals who have been rehabilitated by the country’s social security agencies.

Brazil does not have a legal conceptualization of redundancy. This means that workers who are dismissed as a result of financial difficulties on employers’ side are entitled to severance packages and other benefits. This also applies to those who get dismissed due to company restructuring or insufficient work. The use of agency employees is limited in Brazil. Employers are only allowed to use provisional agency workers in special circumstances.


About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

This is a renowned Brazilian attorney and law scholar. He is one of the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogado. This is a leading Brazilian law firm based in Sao Paolo. It employs more than 400 attorneys. Mr. Tosto has practiced in the field for nearly two decades. During this time, he has won many cases for his clients.

Mr. Tosto’s understanding of international and the Brazilian law has made him a legendary personality in the country’s legal scene. He has equally been passionate about integrating law students into the vocation by offering them internship opportunities at his organization. In addition, legal and judicial reform has been his other main area of interest. Currently, Tosto heads the Judicial Reform Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association. He is a member of the International Bar Association, The partnerships Research Center, and the Brazilian Bar Association.

Sam Tabar To Serve As CFO Of Awearable Apparel

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Towards A Bright Green Future

Awearable Apparel has officially given Sam Tabar the title of Chief Operations Officer. With this position Tabar will carry out duties revolving around the investment strategy Full Cycle will pursue. The investment strategy of Full Cycle is more socially conscious than most investors in the finance industry. Full Cycle doesn’t just want to make money it also wants to promote alternative energy and leave a cleaner healthier planet. In order to do this Full Cycle finds the best alternative energy and waste management startups to put its money in. Fortunately Sam Tabar has a long history of socially conscious investments and understands how to make progress profitable.

Big Money In Green Energy

At the core of Full Cycle Fund is the pursuit of alternatives to our current energy paradigm. The renewable energy industries are growing at an accelerating rate while the traditional energy industries are seeing massive declines. The solar energy industry, to cite an example, now employs more people than the oil industry. Understanding where the growth in this country is headed Sam Tabar orients his investments towards that direction. He understands that putting money into the dying status quo is short sighted.

A History Of Guessing Right

Throughout his career in the finance industry Tabar’s Advisory firm has made it’s mission to make investments into progress and social change. He has used his position to change the social paradigm and steer the investment management world towards progressive trends. Whether its empowering women across the world or finding a solution to our trash problems he finds the answer and puts his weight behind it. With him at the helm of Full Cycle Fund it is likely that we will see the best days of this company ahead of it.

Shared Offices are Growing Bigger and Better

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According to a report issued by Office Furniture Giant Haworth, Co-working spaces are getting popular in the current world especially in small companies, startups and workers could enable large corporations to be more creative and innovative.


Co-working creates a potential ground for foster innovation. Initially, co-working spaces were mostly used by freelancers and startups alone but currently, as the white paper published, increased numbers of corporations are already embracing the idea.

In addition, the white paper says that co-working spaces are likely to bring change in knowledge work and mobilize innovation soon. Also, shared offices can potentially improve the wellbeing of employees from big organizations.


A shared workplace can provide a fantastic and satisfying work atmosphere not to mention creativity and productivity for every particular individual or group.

Research shows that shared office spaces are skyrocketing like never before and this indicates the changing inspirations of younger generations. The young employees are no longer excited about working in big corporations and are inspired by working in small startups where their impact can be felt.


The reports further state that companies can benefit by placing their employees to work off-site in the shared offices and subsequently by inviting workers from other companies to work in their offices. This will result in having some companies rent spaces outside their offices and equally create their co-working spaces in their offices.


Shared office spaces in NYC have proved to be more sociable and are so vibrant and feel different. Shared offices are also less hierarchal compared to corporate offices. It is advisable for large enterprises to start investing in co-working spaces and find out how they can make profits from them.


Workville is a major organization that offers luxurious shared offices. They have an inspiring and satisfying environment that helps breed a flexible and friendly working space. Their working space features open desks, shared offices as well as move-in ready offices. Workville is an amazing space where workers also can hold their meetings and also spread out to work. The place also has three outdoor terraces.


Workville is located a few steps from Times Square and Bryant Park. It is a community that has a reputation for creating business success. Startups and small business keep thriving in Workville, making them a popular destination for shared office space in NYC.

Education Takes A Lead Role For Dick DeVos

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I have always been interested in the world of education and the impact it has on the U.S. as a whole, which has seen me take in a large amount of information about education reformers Dick and Betsy DeVos. In an interview with Betsy DeVos published by Philanthropy Roundtable the chair of many Republican charities and good causes explained why she and Dick originally got involved in the movement at a time when it was seen as one of the most radical in the U.S.; Dick and Betsy DeVos have impressed me by spending more than three decades pushing for a range of reforms to be made to the education offered to children across the U.S. Dick DeVos has gone so far as to stand for election to the Michigan State Board of Education, a position he has held since the early 90’s despite the busy business career I know him to undertake. Dick and Betsy DeVos have spent much of their time looking to cross political lines to gain support for campaigns such as school choice and vouchers to create bipartisan support for reform policies; after spending much of their time trying to enact change at state legislature level the couple now spend much of their time, effort, and money to help publicize deadlines and programs to make sure as many children as possible get the best start to their education.


Success for Dick DeVos is not limited to his work with charities, but has also included a successful business career I have followed with interest for some time. Dick followed his father Richard into the family business of the AmWay Group that provided the basis for the success the family has enjoyed for many decades; however, I feel the business benefited greatly from the introduction of Dick DeVos at executive level when he made startling increases to the profits of the company. The business success of Dick DeVos has continued since he departed AmWay and now focuses on his own career as an investor with his own impressive company, The Windquest Group, Wikipedia reports. Many of the investments made by Dick DeVos are located in his home area of Grand Rapids, Michigan and support many of the improvements I believe Dick has tried to make to the region over the course of his life through programs such as the Grand Action plan Dick heads to improve the economy of this area of Michigan.



Hippeas: Where Snacking Meets Social Responsibility

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Hippeas are a brand new snack that just might save the world! Hippeas are flavorful snacks made from chickpeas that give back to the earth in a couple different ways. First off, they are a healthy alternative to other snack foods that are processed, fatty, and full of sugar. Hippeas are organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher, full of fiber and protein, and don’t contain any MSGs or GMOs. They are a snack that people can feel good about eating. They also come in a variety of fun flavors that range from sweet to savory.

Hippeas are made from chickpeas which, when growing, naturally release nitrogen. This helps the earth and the fields in which they grow. They are an earth-friendly snack and lighten the footprint made on the earth. Simply by growing the peas, the earth is being helped.

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Finally, the purchase of Hippeas gives money back to an organization called Farm Africa. Farm Africa is an organization located in Sub-Saharan Africa, working to aid local farmers in becoming more productive, earth-friendly, and competitive. Farm Africa’s mission is to work with these Sub-Saharan Farmers in bringing them out of poverty and creating self-sufficiency. By purchasing Hippeas, customers are also donating to this organization. Hippeas promise to donate with every bag purchased.

Hippeas are the first brain child of Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands. Green Park Brands is a company dedicated to creating consumer goods, such as snacks, that are good-for-you and good for the world! Hippeas are the perfect, first-released product, in that they provide customers with a taste-good and feel-good experience. They tap into the millennial market providing a colorful, underground, and even retro message captured by the idea of the “modern-day hippy”. They are a product that is dedicated to spreading via “word of mouth” and not becoming over-hyped. There is even an option on the Hippeas website to “become a Hippea”, a sort of join-the-movement feel.

Recently launched, Hippeas have the potential to become the latest snacking craze, all while doing good for the earth and its people.

Follow Livio Bisterzo on Twitter.

George Soros Makes Huge Election 2016 Contributions

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Billionaire investor, George Soros has returned to the political arena by committing to donate $25 million to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates this election cycle.

George Soros has not contributed this much during one election cycle since 2004, where he spent $27 million to try to defeat then-president George W. Bush. He has been largely absent since then. During the 2008 Democratic primaries he supported Barak Obama over Clinton. A move he now regrets, according to sources.

He and Clinton have had a decades-long relationship but it is more than his friendship and belief in Clinton that is spurring him to open his checkbook. According to associates close to the Hungarian-born billionaire, Soros sees the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency as a dangerous proposition not only for America but the world at large.

In an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros said the Trump was “doing the work ISIS.” Soros has been a reliable donor to Democratic politicians on topics.wsj.com in the past, but he sees this election as incredibly important.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ political advisor, say that this year “the political stakes are incredibly high.”

According to Federal Election Commission (REC) reports, Soros has already donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a pro-Clinton super PAC, and many expect him to increase that amount as the election draws closer.

In addition, he has given $2 million to America Bridge 21st Century, which is a super PAC that conducts opposition research targeting Trump and other Republican candidates. Add to that $700,000 he has donated to a variety of Democratic PACs, committees, and campaigns. He has also pledged $5 million to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win. This organization is focused on turning out Hispanic voters in key states.

George Soros has also committed $5 million to the Voting Rights Trust, which is devoted to fighting GOP efforts to suppress the vote of citizens in potential battleground states.

Beyond the large amounts of money, Democratic officials welcome Soros’ return to politics. He is considered an influential donor and his participation could spur other wealthy donors to chip in as well.

Soros is most well known for his speculative investments. Most notably, his large bet against the British Pound back in 1992. He and other speculators forced the British government to devalue their currency, thereby netting Soros $1 billion in the process.

Over the last few decades, Soros has turned to philanthropic endeavors. He founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993. The foundation’s main focus is to hold governments accountable to their citizens and make them more transparent. They aim to protect and improve the lives of those people who have been marginalized around the globe.

Financial Development on a Global Scale

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The recent years have experienced significant changes especially economic development globally. With the financial systems becoming more diverse and sophisticated, more advanced changes are important. Wealth is not only built through employment but also art, music, medical systems, and the community as a whole. All these areas are vital areas of interest to David Osio. He believes in the empowerment of the society through supporting art, cultures, skills, and financial abilities. David Osio believes that every society member can make a difference not only financially but also socially. For this reason, he has always had the passion for supporting various activities through non-profitable organizations.

The ambitions of extending his charitable efforts to a myriad of activities have witnessed a great success. Most recently David Osio was able to enlarge his support on a global scale. He is determined to reach out to various places not only in Miami or America but also across the globe. Through his international financial group, Davos Financial Group, various self-governing companies have developed. One of these self-sustaining companies includes Davos Real Estate Group [REG]. The main objective of this company is to come up with investment approaches that are affordable, suitable and satisfactory to all customers. Recently, REG Company developed a real estate mobile application. The main aim of this app is to aid mortgage calculation, the location of properties, and help in the computation of the possible gains in real estate investment. This application is just one of the many inventions that REG aims at achieving in the easement of the identification of properties through a mobile device.

David osio has traveled a long journey in his dream that one day the less providential can also make a difference. In 1988, he graduated in the school of law with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His early career as a lawyer in Venezuela landed him the opportunity of meeting with global clients including Consolidated Bank. He worked both as the director and the legal advisor. David Osio was able to advance his knowledge by undertaking two-year specialization training at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas. He was able to add up a great collection and experience by studying Management Investment portfolios at the Institute of Finance, New York in 2010.

As the founder and director of Davos Finacial Group, David Osio has led the organization in achieving greater heights. Through his great leadership skills and experience, the group has increased the income level and also improved the charitable growth. David Osio collaborates and supports various organizations including MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation. His great contributions in improving financial services for the enhancement of the community are appreciated globally through various international awards.

Learn more: https://about.me/davidosio

Wengie Life Hacks

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In this video Wengie goes over different life hacks for “lazy” people or those who are tired or fatigued. She does the hacks based on different lazy meters that people may have.



Hunger Life Hack

Wengie shows herself being hungry. She is too lazy to get food from the fridge and even too lazy to order in food on her phone. She decides to create one minute microwave recipes. These recipes are lentil pizza in a mug and a chocolote mug cake. Both of these recipes require minimal and basic ingredients and cook easily in the microwave.


Clothes Iron Hack

This next hack is for those who “can’t be bothered” to iron their clothes. If you are already ironing your hair then you can simply take the flat iron and run it along your clothes for the same unwrinkled touch that an iron gives you. It is important to make sure to try this with delicate clothes because your clothes may be ruined.


Oven Hack

If you are too lazy to get up and check your food while it is cooking in the oven, Wengie suggests that you put the oven on Facetime. You can tape your phone to the oven and put the camera side to facing the door. Wengie suggests leaving this on your screen while you are watching Netflix and having a nice time relaxing.


Remote Hack

This hack was created for those who always use lose their phone. There are certain apps that let you use your phone as a universale remote. This makes it easier to be able to always watch your favorite television shows.


Dish Hack

If you are tired of washing dishes this hack is for you. You can use clingwrap on the bottom of a plate and then just throw the wrap away when you are finished with the meal. This leaves virtually no clean up for you!

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