Want to be good natural resources investor? Learn the rule of contrarian from Matt Badiali

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     Matt Badiali is one of the most respected thought-leaders in mining, energy and agricultural sectors. His opinions and ideas are just that, ideas. No, he has experienced since he has worked on drill rigs and even own oil wells not to mention his thriving investments made in natural resources.

Matt Badiali recently published an article on Medium, where he was expressing his reasons as to why investors should shift their focus to investing in Corn. Matt mentioned that the prices in the market are usually dictated by the feelings of the investors.

He explained that using supply and demand indicators to make decisions whether to buy individual shares or not is inadequate. Matt mentioned that sentiment indicators are equally important. When the sentiments are high, you should not buy shares in question, and the opposite is true; you should buy shares when the sentiments get low (when people hate the product).

For instance, towards the end of 2008 and early 2009, sentiments towards stocks were low. People were shying from buying the stocks. The market dropped below 800 points, and if you had decided to buy S&P 500, your bank account would be 300 percent richer today.

Matt mentioned that the market sentiments of corn is at its low now meaning it could be the best time to invest in this agricultural crop.

In another article titled ‘Platinum Is the Metal to Own Right Now,’ Matt Badiali explores all the reasons why you should invest in Platinum. Platinum is used as a catalyst in diesel cars. But since its prices soared, car manufacturers turned to Palladium.

According to the article, prices of Palladium is soaring now and showing no signs of taking a break. So why invest in Platinum instead of Palladium? Good question. Matt mentioned that to be a good natural resource investor, you should learn to be a contrarian. So that is the reason why you should go for Platinum even with the prices of Palladium increasing.


About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has experience of over two decades with natural resources. He has traveled around the world conducting his research. And he believes that the best way to know whether to invest or not is to go and see it for yourself.

Before starting a career as a natural resource investor, Matt Badiali was a geologist teacher at the University of North Carolina. He went to Penn State University where he earned his B.S in Earth Sciences and later went for Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Bruno Fagali Exudes Mastery in All Areas of Law Drawn From His Extensive Training and Years of Practice

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Sao Paulo, Brazil is known to host some of the world’s greatest attorneys. In the list is Bruno Fagali who is renowned in the region and beyond. His area of expertise revolves around offering legal advisory services and representation in the areas of anti-corruption, electoral, public, and administrative law among others.

Education Background

Bruno Fagali is extensively trained in law. He joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2004 and graduated five years later with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He then undertook several short courses at various learning institutions. They include a course in Parliamentary Law at the Brazilian Society of Public Law, Challenges and Resources in Bids at RHS Bids, and Specialization in Administrative Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Others are a course in administrative law and another in compliance both taken at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. He enrolled for a Master’s degree in Law of the State, Administrative, and Anti-corruption Law at the University of Sao Paulo two years ago.

Career Journey

Bruno Fagali began his career in law in 2006 as an intern at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. He stayed there for a year and moved to intern for other two law firms; Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm in 2007 and Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers in 2008. His first position as a lawyer was in 2012 at Radi, Calil and Associates Advocates. He served his two-year tenure before moving to the University of Sao Paulo under the Program of Improvement of Teaching. He was mandated with the responsibilities of preparing, supervising, and conducting classes, seminars, and study groups.

Current Engagements

Two years ago, Bruno Fagali joined new/ sb, an advertising agency as the Corporate Integrity Manager. Bruno’s main responsibility at the company is to oversee the firm’s Corporate Integrity Program. His involvement ranges from its creation to implementation as well as its management. It is in his mandate to ensure that the program is followed to the letter. Besides his position at new/ sb, Bruno Fagali runs his law firm named Fagali Law that he started last year. The legal establishment specializes in public law, compliance, electoral, and anti-corruption law.

Read more:https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/#.Wc1e_hNSxTY

The Steps Taken by Eric Lefkofsky to Enhance the Quality of Human Life

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Lefkofsky foundation is a benevolent family foundation that was launched by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife in 2006. The primary goal of this association is to increase the impact of programs, research, and initiatives that improve the quality of human life in the society. To achieve this goal, Lefkofsky foundation endeavors to expand social efforts makes sure that people access quality education, encourages innovative medical research and improves the fundamental human rights.

In the education sector, the foundation has supported many schools. For instance, in 2012 Lefkofsky foundation assisted the Citizen Schools to open a branch in Chicago. By so doing, the organization helped Citizen Schools to expand the learning period for children that come from humble backgrounds. Each two to three hours created, the teachers work with the children to enhance achievements, search for opportunities in their society and makes learning enjoyable.

In the sector of fundamental human rights, Lefkofsky foundation offers financial support to the Americans for Responsible Solutions organization. The purpose of this consortium is to encourage the elected leaders to look for the solutions that can inhibit gun violence and ensure responsible and accountable ownership of the gun. More to that, the foundation has also supported the Homestretch, The Jewish United Fund, and Human Right Watch among others.

In the area of Medical, the foundation has supported America Brain Tumor Association, Damon Runyon, Duke Medicine and many other medical bodies. Liz Lefkofsky founded the American Brain Tumor Association in 1973. Its goal is to provide extensive resources that solve the needs of patients with brain tumor and also providing financial support to brain tumor research.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the founders and the chief executive officer of Tempus. Tempus is a technology industry that has developed an operating system to fight cancer. Tempus has been working closely with Lefkofsky foundation to modernize the treatment of cancer. He also a co-founder of the Light bank, a bank that invests in disruptive technology. Besides that, Eric is also the chairman and the founder of Uptake Technologies. Recently, Eric, donated millions of dollars to support cancer research.

Whitney Wolfe Journey to Great Achievements in Her Career

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Whitney Wolfe happens to be a very amazing woman in the tech industry and has been recognized for her efforts towards achieving in life. Her pretty admirable young age has never been a limit to her progress and she has never given up on her career. She also happens to be a very popular person in the dating technology and has been on the frontline pursuing greater goals. She has always committed her time and skills towards advancing in technology. She is the active founder and the chief executive officer of Bumble and has always been on the frontline working towards great success. The great person has been on the frontline pushing for nothing else but just success and has been on the frontline pursuing better governance. She has been able to approve to the world that despite many challenges here, one can still overcome them and make it in life.

Whitney Wolfe was born in the famous Salt Lake City and has grown up from a very humble beginning. Her parents who were happened to be very successful in life always dedicated their time towards taking care of their only child. They were so humbled and loving such that they could not lose anything in life. Whitney Wolfe has been committed to making sure that she performed well in her primary school and have always had that passion towards achieving in life. Her father was a very famous developer while the mother was an active housewife who had dedicated all her life to see their daughter live a peaceful life. She was later admitted to study at the famous Southern Methodist University in the whole world and was able to specialize in international studies in school.

Whitney Wolfe has been on the frontline making sure that he achieves in her life and has been on the frontline working towards achieving great success. At only 19 years, she was able to start his first career whereby she got a chance to work for the success of people affected by BP oil spill. She formed a non-governmental organization whereby she was able to help people affected by the oil spill. The project,’ Help Us Project” was able to expand to greater levels which made the company achieve tremendously in life. They were able to raise a lot of funds that later helped these people get a better living. The organization was able to expand when she partnered with stylist celeb name Patrick Aufdenkamp.

Read More: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe


Stately Netpicks

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Netpicks is firm that aid people develop cutting-edge trading skills where the can always make profits. It was founded by Mark Soberman in the year 1996. The traders expand their knowledge in ways of investing in exchange-traded funds, options together with currencies and not forgetting stocks. Netpicks offer training to its customers through tutorials blog entries, videos and the use of experienced coaches. The company has a panel of experts at Irving, headquarters in Texas who offer training to various clients. They incorporate measures to make sure that their clients are well versed in the complex investing ideas and also inform them of new trading strategies. The talented coaches go an extra mile to installing specific software on customer’s computer if the need arises.  Read an important review about the company, hit this.

With a variety trading systems and tools, Netpicks’ customers have a wide range of these methods to choose from and enable them to start investing or even boost their earnings by deeply able to analyze the trends in online trading. The company also have different trading software products which include Options Fast Track, CounterPunch Trader, and Dynamic Swing Trader which play a very crucial role in making sure that the client makes consistent profits. Individuals who use the internet have the privilege watch a complimentary webinar despite not being clients of this prestigious company. The customers to Netpicks firm are much lucky as the videos used to deliver information to the customer can be understood with ease. Hence the traders can practice online trading. Netpicks Company makes sure that their clients are mentally prepared for either full-time or part-time or even occasional trading.  Access this demo videos, watch and learn, check on  netpicks.com

Additional trading tips here.

The company recently realized an article that is of an excellent benefit to any trader on the three ways of improving their trading performance. The first tip is the trader being able to identify, and ready to track together with putting a cost on the trading errors. Secondly, the clients are advised to stick to their stop loss levels. Another significant way of improving trading performance is understanding the context of where the trader is trading. The company assures all traders that if the three ideas are taken into account, a positive change in the world of trading will come their way.  To keep up-to-date with their latest timeline activities, click on this.

Get connected, hit on netpicks.mykajabi.com.

Learn from their tutorial blogs visit   https://www.linkedin.com/company/netpicks


Aloha construction, guiding the world to greater heights through its services and charity

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When carrying out home maintenance and repair, most people ignore their roofs simply because they seem to be in good shape until when it is too late, and they have to reroof again. All that would have been avoidable if they carried out roof inspection services with a reputable roofing company such as Aloha construction. It is a family-owned company which serves residents of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. It has been around for quite some time now and thanks to that it has gained more than enough experience to know and fulfill the needs of its clients. The fact that all its operations are family managed means, even more, better results because it is well structured and its functions are broken down to specialists, installers, field supervisors, and lastly an office team thus ensuring that all the activities it indulges in are smooth sailing. Since its establishment, the company has successfully seen to the completion of more than eight thousand installations, repair and maintenance services. Owing to that, its growth has skyrocketed from being just a small business to one of the most prominent companies in the sector. When asked about their secret to success, Dave Farbaky who is the chief executive officer and the current president of the roofing corporation says it’s the ordinary things which other businesses ignore such as integrity, trustworthiness, and professionalism between all the acquaintances which make them so good at what they do. It also ensures that it uses these three tools to meet and exceed the customer expectations hence getting them more references.

Some of the services offered by the construction company include roofing, siding and installation or repair of gutters. It also goes the extra mile in making its services more available to the less fortunate by offering financial assistance. The company is in partnership with a leading commercial company known as Synchrony which covers the costs of the services provided by Aloha for the client who then pays later in instalments. Even with all its success, Aloha still remembers where it came from and that it owes its success to members of the community. Thus it engages in charity activities through the Dave Farbaky foundation which sponsors local football teams and also offers fun activities to children from less fortunate backgrounds.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alohabuilds

Mark McKenna Successful Career in Real Estate

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Mark McKenna is currently famed to be one of the most influential medical doctors in the United States. The respected doctor has been in the profession for several decades, and he has managed to accomplish so much in a very short time. Dr. Mark McKenna is believed to have all the legal rights to practice his career in several states of the country. At the moment, his success in the profession has made him an influential doctor in Florida and other neighboring areas. When it comes to the activities concerning community services, Mark has a special passion, and this has been instrumental in his career. His greatest desire is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people who come to seek him medical attention.

When Dr. Mark Mckenna was born many years ago in New Orleans, he did not know that he was going to become a reputable medical doctor. His father and mother were educated people who knew the importance of education to the society. Mark’s parents took him to some of the best learning institutions in the world, and this is where he gained much knowledge for his profitable career. After completing his medical degree at the Tulane University, the medical doctor was fortunate to start off his career by working in the medical field. To know more about him click here.

Mark is not the only medical doctor in the family. His father was practicing medicine in Florida. When his son finished his studies, the businessman allowed him to come and join him so that they could make an impact in the lives of the people who are living with various medical conditions. After completing his medical degree, Dr. Mark Mckenna joined his father in his clinic. Together the father and son also established a company that was called McKenna Venture Investments. The main aim of this company was developing real estate projects. The company did very well under the leadership of the two medical doctors, and it offered employment opportunities to more than fifty people in the country. The real estate company managed to introduce high end buildings in the region, and it gained a lot of popularity among many people in the country.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drmarkmckenna

Equities First Holdings Limited

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Based in the Great Lakes region of the African Congo, Equities First Holdings Limited is a financial lending institution. Equities First Holdings Limited is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The customer base for Equities First Holdings is greater than ten million customers. Equities First Holdings provides financial services to six African countries. Locations other than Kenya include Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and The Democratic Republic Of The Congo. Equities First Holdings Limited is the largest bank on the African Continent. Equities First Holdings Limited was the proud recipient of the Euromoney award for excellence in being the best bank in Kenya in June of 2008.

Visit More : uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Bradesco Will Pick a New CEO From its Pool of Staff

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Banco Bradesco SA is one of the high ranking private banks in Brazil. In fact, it is the second leading private bank after Itaú Unibanco, which took the coveted no.1 spot from Bradesco in 2009. Although Bradesco plays second fiddle to Itaú Unibanco, it outperforms Itaú Unibanco in certain aspects such as branch network, total number of employees, number of account holders, and total investments funds. Thanks to the current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who spearheaded the purchase of the HSBC Holdings Plc.’s retail unit in Brazil in 2015 enabling Bradesco to edge closer to its main competitor, Itaú Unibanco. So far, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure in office has been signified by such landmark developments that have impacted the bank positively. Perhaps that is what the bank considered in appointing him the new chairman of the Osasco based institution after the abdication of the immediate former chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao.

Brandao announced his wilful resignation last month. Accompanied by Trabuco, Brandao announced his stepping down emphasizing that his decision considered the interests of Bradesco, the bank he had served for over 74 years. The 91-year-old Brandao held the view that his resignation would allow the younger Trabuco—66—to take over the leadership of the board of directors fostering Bradesco’s spirit of continuity and renewal. Even though he relinquished the presidency position, Brandao is still the president of Fundação Bradesco, chairman of Bradespar SA, and chairman of the Institute of Diseases of the Digestive System and Nutrition.

From 1943 to last month, Brandao held different professional positions at Bradesco. He started out as a clerk, went through the mid-level management, and secured a spot in top management in 1981 when he was appointed as the second overall president of the bank. In 1991, he obtained an appointment as the second chairman of the bank replacing the founding chairman Amado Aquair who was also the founding president and the founder of Bradesco. Having risen through the ranks of the Osasco based bank purely on merit, Brandao was inclined to doing the same to high-performing junior members of staff.

One of the beneficiaries of the culture that Brandao created is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco being a promising employee with desirable leadership traits was rewarded severally through promotions. Just before his appointment as the president of the bank in 2009, Trabuco was in charge of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance subsidiary of Bradesco. He had held the presidency of the branch for close to six years. During his tenure, Bradesco Seguros doubled in size and cemented its position in the group through increased income. While the head of Seguros, Trabuco was recognized as “Business Sector Leader,” twice as “Personality of Insurance of the Year,” among other titles.


Trabuco assumed the presidency in 2009 when Bradesco was at its lowest point Itau Unibanco having dethroned it of market leadership. Although he was as worried as other leaders concerning the occurrence, Trabuco chose to focus on service delivery. To this end, he established the award-winning Unibrad Corporate University to nurture the company’s employees. Trabuco is indeed an embodiment of forward-thinking leaders. But who will match-up to his performance?


Bradesco has over 100 thousand talented employees. The bank is not experiencing a shortage of talent, and it stated that it would pick a new CEO from among its employees as opposed to scouting for Trabuco’s replacement outside Bradesco. Seven employees considered to be the front-runners in Trabuco’s succession race include:

  • Mauricio Machado de Minas
  • Alexandre da Silva Gluher
  • Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
  • Josué Augusto Pancini
  • Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
  • Octavio de Lazari
  • André Rodrigues Cano

For more information on Bradesco to Choose Board Member as New President, says Trabuco Visit: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/sucessao-no-conselho-do-bradesco-foi-um-ato-planejado-diz-trabuco.ghtml

Music Businesswoman, Desiree Perez, a Leader in a Competitive Industry

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Music industry professional Desiree Perez is well known behind the scenes to everyone that is interested in working in the business end of development. Currently Perez works with music mogul Jay Z as the Chief Executive Officer of his music business, Roc Nation. For almost the last ten years, Roc Nation has formed lucrative deals and partnerships with other brands such as Live Nation, and Perez has been instrumental in managing and negotiating the terms of those partnerships. In addition, Perez has worked closely with artists to help them establish their music careers and gain the largest percentage of profits possible through tours, label deals, and other services that emerge in the business.

Music artists understand that the industry is so much more than creating and recording great music, and having smart and capable business partners on your side can make or bread an artist. For that reason, artists such as Rihanna are interested in securing help of Perez in order to maximize their earning potential and ensure they are always reaching every potential fan.

Businesswoman Desiree Perez understands the music industry more than anyone else in the industry. Quick to capitalize on what’s new and areas of the industry that are going to explode, she is a leader among leaders in music. Perez partnered up with Jay Z at the very beginning of his business venture and worked with him to create avenues for revenue that were non-existent in a highly competitive market. As Roc Nation moves into the next phase of growth, Perez will no doubt be right there to assist the brand in moving forward.

To Learn More : http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=299940

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